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Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Could Be Aiding Your Sales, Marketing, and Services Teams.

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Thousands of enterprises rely on Scribe to integrate their Microsoft Dynamics applications, making Scribe the trusted leader in Microsoft Dynamics integration. For organizations using the suite of Dynamics 365 applications, Scribe provides a fast, flexible and future-proof integration platform that can increase your sales/marketing efficiency, streamline your operations, and reduce costs – whether you are using one Dynamics 365 application or the entire suite.

Dynamics 365 is better with Scribe:

  • Simplify the Migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Scribe’s integration platform can reduce the risks of migrating to a Dynamics 365 application by simplifying and automating the migration process. Whether your migrating from an on-premises solution, such as Dynamics CRM, or a cloud-based solution, your migration to Dynamics 365 will go more smoothly and more quickly with Scribe.
  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications with Your IT Stack – Chances are that Dynamics 365 is just a portion of your application portfolio and you plan to use one or more Dynamics 365 applications with best-of-breed solutions from several other vendors. Scribe gives you a single platform to unify all of your applications. With pre-built connectors to the world’s most popular business systems, including CRM, ERP, marketing automation, data storage, and business intelligence systems, Scribe’s data integration platform makes it easy to bring together data from anywhere – giving your decision makers real-time access to information and streamlining operations across and between your Sales, Marketing, Finance and Service teams.
  • Continue to Use Dynamics CRM and ERP Applications – Scribe offers the industry’s richest support for Microsoft Dynamics applications, including CRM, CRM Online, AX, NAV, and GP. Scribe makes it seamless to use these applications alongside Dynamics 365 applications and, if you desire, migrate these to Dynamics 365 alternatives when the time is right.
  • Streamline Development and Lifecycle Management – With Scribe’s intuitive graphical development environment and lifecycle management tools, you can integrate Dynamics 365 and all your other applications using a single set of tools. You have never been able you create, run, maintain, and adapt integrations so easily.


Integration Platforms that Accelerate Integration Success, Both On-Premises and In the Cloud

Our data integration platforms not only accelerate data integration projects, they accelerate integration success. Simple, pre-built solutions just don’t cut it in many situations. Our platforms speed up integration development, deployment and adaptation, but they also can handle the unique complexities of every organization’s deployments and integration needs.

  • Clicks not code to enable technical analysts and modern business users to achieve complex tasks with ease and quality
  • Ecosystem of complete connectors, expose all entities and dynamic metadata
  • Reusable mappings allow simple onboarding to the platform and faster return on investment
  • A self-documenting interface, collaboration features and management console to simplify management of integrations across their entire lifecycle

20+ Years of Experience, 12,000 Customers, 1,200 Partners

The integration operates perfectly, so our sales and service staff have the customer information they need right at their fingertips.
The integration operates perfectly, so our sales and service staff have the customer information they need right at their fingertips.
Bob Payfrock
Director of IT/Operations, Voice & Data Networks
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Click. Connect. Go

Leverage Scribe's broad library of connectors to get the most out of your Dynamics 365 investment. Whether its data enrichment with InsideView, ERP integration with SAP, or marketing automation integration with Marketo, you can pick and choose from the best of breed applications in Scribe's connectivity library in order to create integrations that support your business. And with our connectivity tools, including our software development kit and API, you can quickly connect any application to Dynamics 365.

Scribe's Connectors for Dynamics 365

Connect to any module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 through tried and tested technology. Scribe's Dynamics 365 Connectors support integration to:

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales – the Dynamics 365 application with tools to understand customer needs, engage with prospects, improve sales productivity, and improve sales reporting.

  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service – the Dynamics 365 application that helps you provide personalized service and engage with customers on any device.

  • Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – includes systems for financial management, human resources, supply chain management and analytics/intelligence.

  • Dynamics 365 for Field Services – includes tools for scheduling, automated service delivery, inventory management, contract management, and customer communications.

  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation – the Dynamics 365 application for running project-based businesses.

What Can Enterprises Do With Scribe’s Dynamics 365 Connectors?

Use the Connectors for Dynamics 365 for comprehensive integration between Dynamics 365 modules and with other enterprise applications. The connectors allow you to…

  • Integrate any module of Dynamics 365 with the rest of your enterprise

  • Leverage Data Services to cleanse and enrich you data on a automated process

  • Enable non-developers to write integrations

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