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Data Integration Software for Retail and E-Commerce Firms

To keep up with fast-moving customers and industry trends, traditional and electronic retailers need real-time information on customers, sales, inventory, marketing programs, and more. That’s why retailers rely on Scribe. Our easy-to-use data integration software platforms are the fastest way to get data flowing – accurate, complete, and in real-time.

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Before starting your integration project, download the Definitive Guide to Integrating Your E-Commerce and ERP Systems.

Download: The Definitive Guide to Integrating Your E-Commerce and ERP System

Integrate Your Retail and E-Commerce Customer Data with Scribe

Whether you are retailer or a manufacturer with an e-commerce site, integrating your key systems with Scribe brings greater efficiency to the order and fulfillment process. You can use Scribe to integrate customer-facing systems, such as your e-commerce system, database with retail transactions, customer/consumer databases, and mobile applications, with your back-office systems, such as your ERP, order, inventory, or fulfillment systems. Benefits include:

  • Automation
    Automate the flow of an order from one system to the next so you can increase order accuracy and meet the customer expectations of fast order fulfillment.
  • Customer Experience
    Integrate your e-commerce system with other systems to develop a comprehensive view of the customer and deliver a more seamless customer experience.
  • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
    Integrate your e-commerce system with additional front office systems such as your CRM system to gather insights from past and even potential customer transactions, such as an abandoned shopping cart. Results: greater business intelligence, higher marketing ROI and faster sales processes.


Transfer orders from your e-commerce system to your back office fulfillment system automatically.



Keep the product details in your inventory management system synced with the view your customers see in your storefront.



With Scribe's graphical mapping canvas, anyone can understand what an integration map does simply by looking at it.

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Real Sales Results from Real-time, Complete Data

"Scribe Online allows us to not only to quickly deploy new franchisees, but as well to create that real-time synchronization of data flow from our franchisees"
Dean Ernst
Director of Marketing and Social Media, LEDSource
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Integrated E-Commerce and Retail Solutions

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Scribe’s solutions bring together all your data with ready-to-go connectors to e-commerce platforms; CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems; custom and embedded databases; and more. Present accurate product catalogs, product descriptions and price books to your sales team, partners and customers by integrating your e-commerce platform, such as Magento or Shopify, to your ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365/NAV/GP/AX, SAP, Epicor, or NetSuite. Use important information, such as abandoned shopping cart contents, to improve your marketing and sales communication by integrating your e-commerce platform to your CRM system, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, or NetSuite.
Integrated E-Commerce and Retail Solutions
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The Definitive Guide to Integrating Your E-Commerce and ERP Systems

The Definitive Guide to Integrating Your E-Commerce and ERP Systems

For your step by step guide to integrating E-Commerce and ERP systems.

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