Healthcare Data Integration

Scribe’s data integration software platforms help healthcare providers, health and human services organizations, and health plan providers unify health data so they can deliver their care and services. Our platforms are the fastest way to bring healthcare data together, whether that data is on-premise or in the cloud. Base your healthcare data solutions on Scribe so you can better coordinate patient care and partner activities, improve billing accuracy, and reduce costs.

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Integrate Your Healthcare System Data with Scribe



With ready-to-go connectors, wizard-based design interfaces, and comprehensive debug and management tools, Scribe is the fastest way for you to develop, deploy, run, and adapt integrations.



Integrate all your on-premise and cloud applications, including case management/patient care, billing, pharmacy management, supplies/inventory and more. Our powerful platform never boxes you in.



With our agile tools for customizing, managing and adapting integrations, you’ll minimize costs and keep things running smoothly over the entire life of the integration.

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Customer Experiences

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"We deployed Scribe Insight in less than three days and generated ROI in less than a year. The solution now plays a major role in allowing our business operations to function smoothly and ensuring we always work with accurate accounting information."
April Cleaver
Controller, The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas
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Scribe’s solutions allow you to easily integrate data from all your systems, including healthcare information, pharmacy management, CRM, ERP, billing, and more.
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Integrated Systems Bring Efficiency and High Quality Service

With Scribe integrations, these are some of the goals you can achieve:

  • Share data in real-time between systems, such as case management and billing systems, to improve patient care or service quality
  • Develop a complete 360° view of your patients, donors, and staff to increase satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better coordination with your partners
  • More accurate financial reporting and billing
Let Us Help You<br />Find a Solution

Let Us Help You
Find a Solution

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Learn More About
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Scribe Online makes cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-premise data integration simpler.

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