Video Tutorials for Scribe Online and Scribe Insight

Scribe Online Data Integration Tutorial Guide

This tutorial provides simple, hands-on experience using Scribe Online to develop an Integration Services Solution that integrates data from a source text file to a Salesforce target datastore. By following this tutorial you will get hands-on practice installing an agent, setting up connections, building basic and advanced maps, debugging a map, and scheduling a solution.

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 Scribe Insight Tutorial Guide

The Scribe Insight Tutorial Guide was created to help people who are evaluating the Scribe software or want assistance with their first integration or migration project. The guide is designed for those who have little or no experience with Scribe Workbench and Console.

After installing Scribe, you can use the tutorials to become familiar with the Workbench and Console. All tutorials use sample data that can be installed with Scribe products. The first two tutorials walk through many of the basic features of Scribe Workbench, such as creating connections, configuring source and target steps, using lookups to match data, and reformatting data. Use the second two tutorials to learn how to navigate the Console to build a small scale integration, including creating a monitor and a data view to handle exceptions.

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Scribe Online Tutorial Videos

Introduction to Scribe Online
Scribe Online Integration Service (IS)
Scribe Online Agent Setup
Scribe Online Replication Service (RS)
Scribe Online Event Maps
Crystal vs Classic UI – A Comparison

Scribe Insight Tutorial Videos – Scribe Data Integration Instructions

Scribe Insight Architecture
Creating Connections
Configuring Connections
Creating Lookup Links
Creating Data Links
Working with Formulas
Save, Run, and Modify a DTS
Automate the DTS


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