Scribe Toolkit – Extensibility tools for the Scribe Online Platform

The Scribe Toolkit allows you to extend the Scribe Online Platform to solve whatever data and application integration needs arise.

Scribe Online’s Cloud Services allow you to create agile integrations, migrations and replications with our easy-to-learn graphical interface. But if you want to add new connectivity endpoints or interact with the platform directly, you can use the Scribe Toolkit.  You can take the platform beyond where it is today.  The sky is the limit.

Scribe’s Data Integration, Application Integration and Migration Tools Include:


Scribe Online WEB API

The Scribe Online API gives you the ability to interact directly with Scribe’s iPaaS, no user interface required! You can programmatically interface with the platform to setup and manage new customer tenants, create and manage connection and solutions, even offer up mapping tools to allow end users to interact with custom field mappings, all outside the Scribe Online user interface. Use Scribe’s interactive API doc in order to try out the API without having to write a line of code.

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Webhook Support

Scribe’s Event Maps allow you to consume Webhooks from the leading SAAS vendors in market today with no code. Request/Reply maps allow you to take a flat JSON object and consume it directly from within Scribe Online. Or, if you need to consume a little more hierarchical data, you can use Message Maps to tackle your project. With these options, Scribe offers both a low code and no code method to capture Webhooks on our platform.

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Software Development Kit

The Software Development Kit is your hammer when all the world is a nail. If you want to build a commercially available connector, or just something you need to use for your teams, the SDK gives you all the power you could want. Scribe’s Development team uses our own SDK to design and create all our own connectors, and we offer discussion forums for you all to ask questions as you come up with them. Use the SDK to crack open any system with any variety of APIs and expose them to Scribe in a uniform, easy-to-manage interface.

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“From a technical standpoint, we wanted a platform that allows us to quickly create integrations and deliver bullet-proof performance. This is critical to the success of our marketing solutions–we can’t afford for our customer integrations to fail or perform poorly”
Daniel Lynton
Founder and CEO
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Learn How Scribe Online Works

Fast. Flexible. Future-proof.

Scribe Online is a secure, multi-tenant cloud-based platform that allows you to rapidly integrate any business applications and data sources.

  • Flexible– Integrate, replicate and migrate data from both cloud-based and on-premise applications
  • Secure – Modern agent-based architecture provides real-time data synchronization without creating firewall or security issues
  • Easy – Simple, code-free graphical interfaces allow developers and customer service teams alike to create, deploy, and maintain integrations
  • Fast – Ready-to-go connectors and agile extensible development tools
  • Future-proof – A self-documenting interface, collaboration features and management console to simplify management of integrations across all integration customers

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