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The WordPress Connector allows you to easily integrate your WordPress Users with any other systems within your organization, such as CRM, ERP, database, or text files. The connector includes these capabilities:

  • Expose WordPress users to create, read, update, and upsert
  • Expose custom user meta fields in WordPress making them accessible to the integration
  • Register new users in WordPress and set their password from an external system

Business Benefits:

With Scribe’s WordPress connector, build integrations with your WordPress Users to automate sales, marketing, and community engagement.

  • Automatically create new WordPress users from other business systems and processes, such as creating a new contact in CRM or submitting a form on HubSpot.
  • Synchronize customer, prospect, and user data between WordPress and your CRM, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, NetSuite, and SugarCRM.
  • Engage with your WordPress User community by syncing users with your marketing automation system, including HubSpot, Marketo, Silverpop, and Pardot.

Technical Benefits:

  • Exposes the WordPress user entity including custom meta fields for create, read, update, and upsert.
  • Set or reset WordPress user passwords.
  • Support one-way and two-way integrations from WordPress Users to other business applications and data sources on the Scribe platform.



Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style that has become the dominant approach for constructing web APIs. REST consists of a set of guidelines or constraints. It is not a standard, which makes it difficult to say for sure whether an API is RESTful or not. Until recently there was no standard way to describe a RESTful API and therefore no standard way to connect to one. Connecting meant coding, but that has changed.

The OpenAPI Specification (aka Swagger 2.0) provides a uniform description of RESTful APIs that machines can read and understand. Scribe’s REST Connector reads an API definition in an OpenAPI Specification document to understand how to interact with a RESTful API, including authentication and discovery of metadata and operations.

If you use a cloud application that offers an OpenAPI Specification for its API, the REST Connector can connect directly to it without coding a custom connector. Simply import the OpenAPI Specification into the connection definition, and Scribe does the rest. That isn’t the only scenario, however.

As part of their digital transformation initiatives, many enterprises are adding a REST API layer on top of legacy applications using API Management tools. Most of these tools provide OpenAPI Specifications for the new APIs. This allows the REST Connector to interact with legacy applications. With Scribe Online, you can integrate legacy ERP, HR or other applications with cloud applications like Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and Marketo.

Even if the application you want to connect has no OpenAPI Specification, you can write your own for use with the REST Connector.

Technical Benefits:

  • Connect to RESTful APIs using an OpenAPI Specification
  • Authentication methods: none, basic, API key or OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Grant
  • Supports standard REST operations: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE
  • Works with on-premise and cloud agents


Oracle Database

The Oracle Database connector enables you to integrate Oracle with your business applications. Connect Oracle to CRM systems like Dynamics 365, Salesforce and SugarCRM. Integrate with ERP systems like Dynamics, NetSuite and SAP. Sync with marketing automation systems like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua and Marketo.

You can use the Oracle Database connector to:

  • Integrate applications that use an Oracle Database back end with CRM, ERP, or marketing automation apps
  • Replicate data from your Salesforce or Dynamics 365 CRM system to an Oracle Database for backup or analytics
  • Migrate data from an on-premise Oracle Database to the cloud

Technical Benefits:

  • Authentication based on username and password
  • Filter the list of tables when creating a connection
  • Automatically discover tables, fields and data types
  • Query, create, update and delete data
  • Native query allows you to write your own free-form query to join tables, restrict source field lists, or customize the WHERE clause
  • Process records in batches for higher performance
  • Scalar functions and nonquery



Scribe has partnered with CData, which offers drivers with connectivity to more than a hundred applications. This connector uses the CData driver for PostgreSQL to integrate data stored in a PostgreSQL database with any of your business applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua and more.

You can use the Scribe Connector for PostgreSQL to:

  • Access data for an application that uses PostgreSQL as a data store
  • Automatically copy data from one or more business applications to PostgreSQL for reporting
  • Migrate data from an on-premise PostgreSQL database to the cloud

Technical Benefits:

  • Authentication based on username and password
  • Automatically discover tables, fields and data types
  • Query, create, update and delete data in a PostgreSQL database
  • Supports native SQL queries for flexibility in joining tables, filtering and many other capabilities



The ServiceNow connector allows you to connect your IT service management application to other business systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate the flow of data.

Business Benefits:

  • Maintain a single incident database by integrating your front office systems with ServiceNow.
  • Easily track service requests and resolutions via automated data syncing between ServiceNow and your other systems.
  • Create work orders and tasks after winning an opportunity in CRM.

Technical Benefits:

  • Create, read, update and delete data in ServiceNow
  • Table Filter improves performance by including only objects you want to access
  • Support for custom objects
  • Works with on-premise and cloud agents



TalkPoint’s Convey webcasting platform makes it easy to give presentations to thousands of people (up to 50,000 or more) over the web. The Scribe Online connector for TalkPoint allows you to integrate data about webcast attendees with your other business systems. You can collect webcast registrations with a marketing system and use the connector to deliver them to TalkPoint, then synch attendee details with your marketing and CRM systems after a webcast to share viewing times or Q&A.

Business Benefits:

  • Automate Webcast Event registrations from other business systems such as Marketo, Eloqua or HubSpot CRM
  • Integrate attendee information including custom registration fields, survey responses, and questions and answers with the leads and contacts in your CRM system
  • Retrieve summary analytics for Webcast Events
  • Automatically create leads, update contacts, & add registrants & attendees to an email marketing system

Technical Benefits:

  •  Compatible with TalkPoint’s Convey self-service webcasting platform
  • Create Registrants for a webcast event
  • Share webcast data with you CRM



Many legacy systems lack an API and do not allow direct access to their databases. In most cases, integrating these systems with your other business systems involves working with Extensible Markup Language (XML). The Scribe Connector for XML enables you to read and write XML files in Scribe’s easy-to-use mapping environment.

Use Scribe XML connector to…

  • Integrate data from a legacy system that produces and/or consumes XML files
  • Migrate data from a legacy system into another database or application
  • Read XML documents from an outside source and send them into a target application such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or NetSuite
  • Get data from a source application like HubSpot or Marketo and translate it into XML documents that a legacy system can read

XML connections do not count toward the maximum number of connections allowed in your Integration Service tier.


Scribe Platform API Connector

The Scribe Platform API Connector allows you to access the power of the Scribe Web API from within the familiar mapping environment without writing any code. The connector allows you to work with the following objects in your Scribe Online organizations:

  • Agent
  • Connection
  • Connector
  • Error
  • History
  • InvitedUser
  • Map
  • Organization
  • OrganizationUser
  • Solution

All of the objects are available for query, and all except for Error also support target operations, which vary by object.

You can use the Scribe Platform API Connector to:

Resources : 

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provides storage for any amount of data worldwide. You can use it to store data for cloud applications, data lakes and for data backup and recovery. The Amazon S3 Connector enables Scribe Online to move JSON-formatted data into or out of an Amazon S3 storage bucket. For example, you might use the connector to store a copy of all your Salesforce contacts.

Amazon S3 connector

  • Connect to an Amazon S3 bucket with your credentials
  • Create a JSON-formatted file, complete with a corresponding metadata file, via a create target operation
  • Run your integration on either a cloud or on-premise agent
  • Process records in batches for improved throughput performance, especially with large volumes of data

Use the Amazon S3 Connector to…

  • Copy data from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Marketo or other common business applications to an Amazon S3 bucket
  • Retrieve business data previously stored in Amazon S3 and insert into an Amazon Redshift database using the copy operation of the Amazon Redshift Connector

Resources : 

Dynamics CRM Merge StarterPak

This UtilityPak contains maps that can be used in Scribe Online to merge accounts, contacts, leads, or incidents in Dynamics CRM. This document includes some information on the Merge functionality of the Scribe Connector for Dynamics CRM, the related use case and Map design, and steps to implement them


Resources :

User Guide >


REST APIs are an extremely common method of communication for modern applications. Scribe Online has several methods available to consume these REST endpoints, allowing communication with applications that Scribe may not have a named application connector for. By leveraging one or several of these connection methods, you will be able to satisfy the requirements of your integration with REST based endpoints.

  • Request/Reply Integration Maps – Scribe hosts a REST Endpoint and accepts incoming JSON POST calls, allowing simple processing of inbound commands.
  • Message Integration Maps – Scribe hosts a REST Endpoint and accepts incoming XML messages with guaranteed delivery.
  • Fast Connector Framework – The Fast Connector Framework leverages a plugin to Visual Studio which allows a simple, wizard driven approach to creating integration with REST Endpoints. Connectors built with this framework can be used across the entire Scribe Platform.
  • Connector Development Kit – Scribe’s Connector Development Kit allows full access to the connectivity SDK of Scribe’s Platform, meaning you can create connectors that leverage REST, XML, SOAP or any other means of communication protocol.

Resources : 


Connect the e-conomic accounting software with CRM and other SaaS applications using the e-syncr Connector. Automate key business processes, including:

  • Synchronize customer address and contact information between e-conomic and CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce and SugarCRM
  • Deliver sales orders from your CRM system to e-conomic when they close
  • Send invoice details from e-conomic back to your CRM system


Integrate your etouches event software with Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SugarCRM, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua and many other cloud applications.

Use the etouches Connector to:

  • Create leads in your CRM system for event registrants and attendees
  • Update contacts in CRM with attendee activities
  • Build email lists in your marketing automation system based on event registrants and attendees


Using the Scribe Connector for Exact Online, Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise, it is easy to exchange data between Exact Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or ExactGlobe/ Synergy and Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM or Salesforce®, and/or your own database. You will only enter data once, while the connector will ensure that it is smartly added to the linked packages.

Eliminate manual, time consuming import/exports with multiple tools – now you have a single, easy way to manage data across Exact and your other databases.

Business Benefits:

  • Provide your sales team access to critical customer data stored in your Exact database by integrating with leading CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Salesforce.
  • Reduce cost and accelerate the pace of quote to cash by eliminating manual steps and seamlessly sharing data wherever it originates, in CRM, ERP or other applications.
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks, more time on analyzing the business.

Technical Benefits:

The Exact Connector offers bi-directional mapping capabilities of the following objects:

  • Accounts
  • Addresses
  • Bank Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Cost Centers
  • Cost Units
  • Currency
  • Employees
  • Items
  • Projects

The Exact Connector offers one way mapping capabilities (from Exact to target) of the following objects:

  • Invoices
  • Invoice History

Support one-way and two-way customer integrations from Exact Online, Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe to other business applications and data sources on the Scribe platform. The connector uses the official Exact API, to guarantee safe and consistent data exchange.


Automatically create leads & update contacts in your CRM based on webinar registrations & attendance.

  • Expose GoToWebinar entities to create, read, update and delete records
  • Utilize source and target relationships
  • Leverage GoToWebinar Authentication


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