Microsoft Common Data Service

The TIBCO Scribe® Connector for the Microsoft Common Data Service (CDS) provides read and write access to CDS, which contains the data for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can also store data for custom Microsoft PowerApps.

The connector:

  • Discovers objects in the Common Data Service
  • Supports custom objects and custom fields
  • Supports create, read, update and delete operations
  • Supports relationships between objects for powerful query operations
  • Can be used for bi-directional integrations, data loading and migrations
  • Offers an easy-to-use interface for viewing and validating picklist values

You can use the TIBCO Scribe® Connector for Microsoft CDS to:

  • Integrate with applications like Microsoft Talent that store their data in CDS
  • Integrate apps you’ve built with Microsoft PowerApps
  • Replicate data from CDS to a local database for reporting


Scribe Labs – Microsoft Excel

Use the Scribe Labs — Microsoft Excel Connector to read and write MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx) and comma delimited (.csv) files. This Connector is designed for easy read/write access to on-premise Excel and CSV file data sources without needing to install MS Excel on the On- Premise Agent server. Metadata for the files is automatically generated from the header row of each file.

For more information:
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Scribe Labs – Variables

This Connector extends the functionality of Scribe Online. It adds a component to store and retrieve variables (as key/value pairs) within Scribe Maps. The variables are stored in memory and are non-persistent. They have global scope within a Map, but are not shared between Maps or Solutions.

For more information:
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Scribe Labs – Tools

The Tools Connector provides special operations that can be used as entities in the Execute Block in your Scribe Online Maps to enhance the performance of the Map or provide diagnostic information.

For more information:
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Scribe Labs – Google Docs – Documentation Tool

If you are creating Solutions and Maps for a Customer, doing a Proof of Concept project, or simply tracking a large project, you may want to document the contents of those Solutions and Maps as part of your development process. Scribe Labs — Google Docs – Documentation Tool Application is an open source third-party product that leverages Google Docs to help you easily document your Scribe Online Solutions and Maps. This application is an example of how you can use the Scribe Online API to create your own applications.

Scribe Labs Connectors are built by internal Scribe employees in order to better provide some samples and examples to go along with the Development Toolkit.

Documentation >
Scribe Development Toolkit >

United States Postal Service

The Scribe Labs USPS Connector allows you to leverage the USPS database via their public API. This means you can do address validation inside any of your Scribe Online maps, or even add a package tracking feed for your sales orders. Its  never been easier to add dynamic tracking data to your integration flows, or to enable address validation to save your sales team valuable time.

For more information:
Scribe Labs USPS Datasheet >

Invoca Connector

In a mobile world, more customers connect over the phone. If you’re not tracking calls, you’re missing an opportunity to generate more transactions and revenue. With Invoca, Performance Marketers can measure and maximize calls as easily as clicks.  The connectors support the Call Outcomes and Transactions APIs making it easy to integrate important call intelligence data with other technology platforms and business applications such as CRM, marketing automation and more.

Technical Benefits:

  • Each connection to Invoca Outcomes or Transactions provides access to the application in the security context of the user credentials you specify.
  • Call Outcomes are considered unique by a combination of outcome_name and partner_unique_id.
  • <>Transactions provides a superset of the information available on the Reporting Details tab for all call transactions.
  • Packages up logic configured by the user in Invoca for either Outcomes or Transactions.
  • Provides data returned by API calls to the platform for use in later steps.
  • Returns any error messages supplied by the API back to the platform to enable customer error handling.

Use the Invoca connector to…

  • Experience true closed loop marketing by tying sales results to the initial call.
  • Inject call intelligence into your marketing and CRM systems creating a complete customer profile.
  • Capture and leverage unique data to create more personalized marketing campaigns.


The Scribe Labs Connector for AvaTax provides Scribe Online users with an active AvaTax account the ability to include AvaTax data in their integrations. The AvaTax connector allows integration designers to incorporate AvaTax address validation and tax information based on geolocation and tax estimation.  This AvaTax data will help you create a more complete integration to help satisfy your business needs.

Use the AvaTax Connector to:

  • Add sales tax to opportunities in Dynamics 365 Sales based on customer location
  • Quote accurate sales tax on your ecommerce website
  • Automate sales tax calculation for Dynamics NAV and other accounting software

AvaTax Datasheet >

Learn More About Creating Connectors >


Scribe Online supports moving binary data when mapping data from one datastore to another, but this requires that source data be in a binary field. If you are working with binary files, such as documents on a disk, you must first convert the documents into a binary stream. To streamline this process, the Scribe Labs FileStream Connector allows the user to specify a path to a file within a Microsoft Windows files system, and then streams the file to the target connector in a binary format. The target connector inserts that binary stream into a blob field or attachment.

Use the FileStream Connector to:

  • Migrate files from a Windows server to a cloud application like Salesforce or Dynamics 365
  • Sync files between Sharepoint and a CRM system
  • Copy files from OneDrive to a cloud database

FileStream Technical Benefits:

  • Creates binary stream to your target endpoint

For more information:
Help & Documentation >


Scribe’s InsideView Connector enables you to add in-line customer and contact data enrichment to your integrations. Input basic customer and/or contact information and get a complete data picture back from InsideView – 28 fields of real-time information – to drive more effective marketing and sales results. Improve the accuracy and completeness of the data you integrate. Always have complete data for your marketing, sales and customer outreach activities.

Use the InsideView Connector to…

  • Add value during migration and integration processes by ensuring accurate customer data.
  • Enhance your view of your prospects and customers by filling in missing contact data to increase lead conversions and win rates.
  • Enhance your customer and contact data as a one-time data cleanse or as an ongoing automated enrichment process
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing and other contact campaigns with improved lead scoring and address accuracy.


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