Google Analytics

Companies around the world use Google Analytics to understand their web traffic, from the number of visitors to how long people spend on the site and where they exit. Google provides a reporting environment in which to analyze the data, but in some cases, you want to copy your data out of Google Analytics to somewhere else. This connector allows you to do just that.

Scribe has partnered with CData, which offers drivers with connectivity to more than a hundred applications. This connector uses the CData driver for Google Analytics to get data about your websites and send it to a database or business application.

You can use the Scribe Connector for Google Analytics to:

  • Copy Google Analytics data to a Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database and analyze it with tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau
  • Record goal completions from Google Analytics in a CRM system like Salesforce or Dynamics 365
  • Backup Google Analytics data to a database or text files

Technical Benefits:

  • Authenticate via OAuth
  • Query objects including AdWords, ecommerce, events, goal completions, traffic and more
  • Supports native query for joining tables and filtering query results


Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based data warehouse that stores large volumes of data and provides fast query responses. You can use it for data analysis and business intelligence solutions. The Amazon Redshift Connector for Scribe Online enables you to move JSON-formatted data into a Redshift database quickly and efficiently by copying it from an Amazon S3 storage bucket.

Amazon Redshift connector

  • Connect to an Amazon Redshift database with your Redshift credentials
  • Copy the contents of a JSON-formatted file into a Redshift database using the copy target operation
  • Run your integration on either a cloud or on-premise agent

Use the Marketo Connector to…

  • Retrieve business data previously stored in Amazon S3 and insert into an Amazon Redshift database using the copy operation of the Amazon Redshift Connector (also requires the Amazon S3 Connector)

Resources : 


OpenGov delivers the most powerful financial transparency and business intelligence platform yet created for governments. Now government budget and financial data is even more accessible as the OpenGov connector makes it even easier to get data in and out of the OpenGov platform.

Use the OpenGov connector to:

  • Upload data from any Scribe accessible data source into existing OpenGov Datasets
  • Check status of current and previous uploads
  • Access to history of data uploads

Technical Benefits:

  • Each connection to OpenGov provides access to the application in the security context of the user credentials you specify.
  • Connector packages up logic configured by the Scribe platform user into OpenGov API calls.
  • Support two way communication.
  • As a source, connector allows querying of uploaded datasheets and their status.
  • As a target, connector allows writing of Datasheets to existing OpenGov Datasets as well as Appending those Datasheets to existing Datasets


Use the Scribe QlikView Connector to create QVX files from any data source on the Scribe Platform. The QlikView connector allows you to

  • Convert entities and data from any Scribe Online source connection into a QVX file.
  • Generate a common QVX file schema based on your source data connection metadata.
  • Generate unique QVX file schemes based on multiple data source connections which allows you to import specific data from each connection.

Use the QlikView Connector to…

  • Create scheduled data extracts from any Scribe connection into QVX files.
  • Combine data from multiple systems into a single QVX file format.
  • Access a wide variety of business application data for QlikView analytics and reporting


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