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Shawn McGowan

Shawn McGowan

President and CEO

Shawn McGowan, Scribe's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for leading the company's growth and expansion. Prior to joining Scribe Shawn held the roles of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operations Officer for Newmarket International, Inc., the market leader in hospitality sales and service software. Shawn led a group of exceptional team members that envisioned and delivered mission critical software to customers in over 150 countries. While building these hospitality specific applications he had the opportunity to work with or connect to all of the major integration platforms and is looking forward to taking a few of the lessons learned and applying them to the Scribe platform.

Prior to joining Newmarket, Shawn held senior positions at ManagedOps.com, Elderhostel, Inc. and The Taylor Group.

Shawn earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Plymouth State College with postgraduate studies in Computer Science and a Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University

In his spare time, Shawn and his family head to the mountains for skiing, biking and hiking. Shawn additionally is passionate about the role of non-profits in the New Hampshire and works closely with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the Entrepreneurs Foundation of New Hampshire.

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