TalkPoint’s Convey webcasting platform makes it easy to give presentations to thousands of people (up to 50,000 or more) over the web. The Scribe Online connector for TalkPoint allows you to integrate data about webcast attendees with your other business systems. You can collect webcast registrations with a marketing system and use the connector to deliver them to TalkPoint, then synch attendee details with your marketing and CRM systems after a webcast to share viewing times or Q&A.

Business Benefits:

  • Automate Webcast Event registrations from other business systems such as Marketo, Eloqua or HubSpot CRM
  • Integrate attendee information including custom registration fields, survey responses, and questions and answers with the leads and contacts in your CRM system
  • Retrieve summary analytics for Webcast Events
  • Automatically create leads, update contacts, & add registrants & attendees to an email marketing system

Technical Benefits:

  •  Compatible with TalkPoint’s Convey self-service webcasting platform
  • Create Registrants for a webcast event
  • Share webcast data with you CRM



Many legacy systems lack an API and do not allow direct access to their databases. In most cases, integrating these systems with your other business systems involves working with Extensible Markup Language (XML). The Scribe Connector for XML enables you to read and write XML files in Scribe’s easy-to-use mapping environment.

Use Scribe XML connector to…

  • Integrate data from a legacy system that produces and/or consumes XML files
  • Migrate data from a legacy system into another database or application
  • Read XML documents from an outside source and send them into a target application such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or NetSuite
  • Get data from a source application like HubSpot or Marketo and translate it into XML documents that a legacy system can read

XML connections do not count toward the maximum number of connections allowed in your Integration Service tier.



REST APIs are an extremely common method of communication for modern applications. Scribe Online has several methods available to consume these REST endpoints, allowing communication with applications that Scribe may not have a named application connector for. By leveraging one or several of these connection methods, you will be able to satisfy the requirements of your integration with REST based endpoints.

  • Request/Reply Integration Maps – Scribe hosts a REST Endpoint and accepts incoming JSON POST calls, allowing simple processing of inbound commands.
  • Message Integration Maps – Scribe hosts a REST Endpoint and accepts incoming XML messages with guaranteed delivery.
  • Fast Connector Framework – The Fast Connector Framework leverages a plugin to Visual Studio which allows a simple, wizard driven approach to creating integration with REST Endpoints. Connectors built with this framework can be used across the entire Scribe Platform.
  • Connector Development Kit – Scribe’s Connector Development Kit allows full access to the connectivity SDK of Scribe’s Platform, meaning you can create connectors that leverage REST, XML, SOAP or any other means of communication protocol.

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