With the cleverbridge connector for Scribe Online, you can integrate your payment and subscription information with your other business systems, including CRM, ERP and marketing automation. Automate manual processes to reduce data entry errors and grow your business to the next level.

Business Benefits:

  • Sync customer payment events with CRM systems like Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and SugarCRM so your sales team has the latest information and can contact customers when appropriate
  • Send subscription payment details to your accounting or ERP system to ensure that your finance team is working with the most up-to-date information
  • Use a marketing automation system like Marketo or Eloqua to communicate subscription information such as upcoming renewals to your customers

 Technical Benefits:

  • Receive outbound notifications from cleverbridge for real-time integration using message maps in Scribe Online
  • Work with contacts, purchases and subscriptions
  • Source and target operations
  • Cloud and on-premise agents


Scribe Labs – Microsoft Excel

Use the Scribe Labs — Microsoft Excel Connector to read and write MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx) and comma delimited (.csv) files. This Connector is designed for easy read/write access to on-premise Excel and CSV file data sources without needing to install MS Excel on the On- Premise Agent server. Metadata for the files is automatically generated from the header row of each file.

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Scribe Labs – Variables

This Connector extends the functionality of Scribe Online. It adds a component to store and retrieve variables (as key/value pairs) within Scribe Maps. The variables are stored in memory and are non-persistent. They have global scope within a Map, but are not shared between Maps or Solutions.

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Scribe Labs – Tools

The Tools Connector provides special operations that can be used as entities in the Execute Block in your Scribe Online Maps to enhance the performance of the Map or provide diagnostic information.

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Scribe Labs – Google Docs – Documentation Tool

If you are creating Solutions and Maps for a Customer, doing a Proof of Concept project, or simply tracking a large project, you may want to document the contents of those Solutions and Maps as part of your development process. Scribe Labs — Google Docs – Documentation Tool Application is an open source third-party product that leverages Google Docs to help you easily document your Scribe Online Solutions and Maps. This application is an example of how you can use the Scribe Online API to create your own applications.

Scribe Labs Connectors are built by internal Scribe employees in order to better provide some samples and examples to go along with the Development Toolkit.

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United States Postal Service

The Scribe Labs USPS Connector allows you to leverage the USPS database via their public API. This means you can do address validation inside any of your Scribe Online maps, or even add a package tracking feed for your sales orders. Its  never been easier to add dynamic tracking data to your integration flows, or to enable address validation to save your sales team valuable time.

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Scribe Labs USPS Datasheet >


The Scribe Labs Connector for AvaTax provides Scribe Online users with an active AvaTax account the ability to include AvaTax data in their integrations. The AvaTax connector allows integration designers to incorporate AvaTax address validation and tax information based on geolocation and tax estimation.  This AvaTax data will help you create a more complete integration to help satisfy your business needs.

Use the AvaTax Connector to:

  • Add sales tax to opportunities in Dynamics 365 Sales based on customer location
  • Quote accurate sales tax on your ecommerce website
  • Automate sales tax calculation for Dynamics NAV and other accounting software

AvaTax Datasheet >

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The Scribe Labs SMTP connector allows you to send custom emails from within a Scribe Online Map. This can be used to generate your own custom error messages, dynamically configure alerting and notification, or to extend other integrated apps that have no outbound email capability.

SMTP Technical Benefits:

  • Allows custom Emails to be sent from within the Scribe Online designer

Use the SMTP connector to…

  • Improve your error handling of the integration
  • Customize the integration to include business and error alerting


Scribe Online supports both ODBC and OLE DB connectivity, giving you access to many databases and applications that have ODBC drivers.

Use the ODBC Connector to:

  • Migrate data from a legacy AS400 application into a cloud application like Salesforce or Dynamics 365
  • Integrate cloud applications with databases such as Sybase, IBM DB2 and Foxpro that have ODBC drivers
  • Pull data from Google Sheets into your CRM or marketing automation application

The ODBC connector provides

  • General connectivity to ODBC drivers
  • OLE DB Connector to overcome shortcomings of some ODBC drivers


ODBC for Insight

Scribe Insight supports both ODBC and OLE DB connectivity, allowing you to bring any database you need into your integration. In addition to supporting general ODBC connectivity, Scribe bundles 15 specific ODBC drivers with the product install, allowing you to connect to whichever systems you need to complete your integration project.

The ODBC connector  provides

  • General connectivity to ODBC drivers
  • Pre-packed Scribe drivers
  • OLE DB Connector to overcome shortcomings of some ODBC drivers


XML for Insight

Scribe’s XML Connector for Insight allows you to integrate with XML files on disk, in a Microsoft Message Queue, or hosted on a website. It’s graphical user interface makes it easy to define what method you need to reach the XML file, what schema you wish to use, and what repeating nodes or node breaks are to be leveraged. XML connectivity allows you to

  • Support dynamically named XML files
  • Utilize XSD, XDR or XML as your schema
  • Read and write XML from MSMQ, Disk, HTTP or FTP sites
  • Utilize repeating nodes and node breaks

Use the XML Connector to

  • Integrate with legacy data
  • Support common technology protocols across systems
  • Leverage the built in retry mechanism for Scribe Insight


Sample Marketing Connector

Scribe’s Sample Marketing Connector gives you the ability to read and write data to a virtual Marketing system in order to get accustomed to using Scribe Online, without needing you to connect to your production instances. This connector has several objects and example data loaded allowing you to truly interact with data without any risk of impacting your production data.

Use the Sample Marketing Connector to…

  • Learn Scribe Online in a risk free environment
  • See the results of your formulas using Sample Data
  • Create and Run Solutions and use the Preview capability to see the data that was just processed