Google Analytics

Companies around the world use Google Analytics to understand their web traffic, from the number of visitors to how long people spend on the site and where they exit. Google provides a reporting environment in which to analyze the data, but in some cases, you want to copy your data out of Google Analytics to somewhere else. This connector allows you to do just that.

Scribe has partnered with CData, which offers drivers with connectivity to more than a hundred applications. This connector uses the CData driver for Google Analytics to get data about your websites and send it to a database or business application.

You can use the Scribe Connector for Google Analytics to:

  • Copy Google Analytics data to a Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database and analyze it with tools like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau
  • Record goal completions from Google Analytics in a CRM system like Salesforce or Dynamics 365
  • Backup Google Analytics data to a database or text files

Technical Benefits:

  • Authenticate via OAuth
  • Query objects including AdWords, ecommerce, events, goal completions, traffic and more
  • Supports native query for joining tables and filtering query results


Microsoft SQL Server

The Microsoft SQL Server connector allows you to easily integrate SQL Server with any application, including CRM, ERP, Data Quality services or legacy data. With the Microsoft SQL Server connector you can easily accelerate any SQL Server integration project, including projects to integrate SQL-based applications, bring SQL-based legacy data to the cloud, or extract transform and load (ETL) data from your applications to SQL Server.

Use the connector to create

  • Bi-directional integrations, such as between SQL Server and Salesforce
  • Migration projects, such as migrating between an on-premises instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce
  • Replication projects, such as a Salesforce to SQL Server integration to copy data to SQL Server where it can be more easily processed, integrated with data from other sources, and presented in BI, reporting, or visualization systems, such as Tableau, QlikView, and Power BI.

The connector includes these capabilities

  • Expose SQL Tables/Views/Stored Procedures to create, read, update and delete records
  • Expose all fields in SQL tables making them accessible to the integration
  • Utilize source and target relationships for joining data
  • Leverage SQL or Windows Authentication to connect to SQL

Use Microsoft SQL Server connector to…

  • Replicate data from CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or SugarCRM) into a SQL data warehouse for customer segment analytics and reporting
  • Maintain a real-time backup of data in your financial or ERP systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV/GP, SAP, or NetSuite) to minimize the security or disaster risks.
  • Aggregate data from multiple CRMs into a SQL database for accurate and efficient reporting and analysis.
  • Copy campaign data from your marketing automation systems (e.g., HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua) and ecommerce platform (e.g., Magento) into a SQL database and combine it with external data on promotions or competitive trends to determine marketing campaign success and ROI.
  • Integrate with any SQL based application across your company
  • Utilize database connections for faster read operations
  • Bring SQL based legacy data to the cloud



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