The Magento connector helps you integrate your e-commerce operation with the rest of your enterprise. The connector supports bidirectional syncing between Magento and your fulfillment and marketing systems, many of which already connect into the Scribe Online platform. When you integrate Magento to your other systems, you eliminate manual entry of order and customer information from your web store into ERP, CRM and other systems, which is prone to error and will become more complex as your business grows. Integration is necessary to streamline your fulfillment process and unify your data. The Magento Connector for Scribe Online removes human error from your sales cycle by syncing Magento with other critical business applications.

Business Benefits:

  • Automatically transfer orders entered into your Magento system to your back-office/fulfillment system
  • Enable shipping details and status to be viewable by customers via back office ERP integration
  • Maintain a single customer database between systems
  • Automate syncing of product details between your inventory management system and the customer view in your store front

Technical Benefits:

  • Compatible with Magento 1
  • Full support for Magento entities – Create, read, update and delete data in Magento
  • Support for custom objects and fields with the included Magento extension
  • Secure data transactions with OAuth authentication
  • Support for on premise and cloud agents


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