Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based data warehouse that stores large volumes of data and provides fast query responses. You can use it for data analysis and business intelligence solutions. The Amazon Redshift Connector for Scribe Online enables you to move JSON-formatted data into a Redshift database quickly and efficiently by copying it from an Amazon S3 storage bucket.

Amazon Redshift connector

  • Connect to an Amazon Redshift database with your Redshift credentials
  • Copy the contents of a JSON-formatted file into a Redshift database using the copy target operation
  • Run your integration on either a cloud or on-premise agent

Use the Marketo Connector to…

  • Retrieve business data previously stored in Amazon S3 and insert into an Amazon Redshift database using the copy operation of the Amazon Redshift Connector (also requires the Amazon S3 Connector)

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