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Sample CRM Connector

Distributor: Scribe

Tier: Scribe   Created and supported by Scribe. Created and supported by a Scribe partner and were certified by Scribe to be compatible with the Scribe platform. Created by members of the Scribe community (Scribe users or Scribe Labs), but have not been productized. They are made available on an "as is" basis to provide samples of what connectivity can be created for our platforms. Scribe does not offer formal support for these connectors.

Cost: Free

Works with: Scribe Online

How to Download: Marketplace

Scribe’s Sample CRM Connector gives you the ability to read and write data to a virtual CRM system in order to get accustomed to using Scribe Online, without needing you to connect to your production instances. This connector has several objects and example data loaded allowing you to truly interact with data without any risk of impacting your production data.

Use the Sample CRM Connector to…

  • Learn Scribe Online in a risk free environment
  • See the results of your formulas using Sample Data
  • Create and Run Solutions and use the Preview capability to see the data that was just processed

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