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Distributor: Scribe

Tier: Scribe   Created and supported by Scribe. Created and supported by a Scribe partner and were certified by Scribe to be compatible with the Scribe platform. Created by members of the Scribe community (Scribe users or Scribe Labs), but have not been productized. They are made available on an "as is" basis to provide samples of what connectivity can be created for our platforms. Scribe does not offer formal support for these connectors.

Cost: Free

Works with: Scribe Online

How to Download: Marketplace

The MySQL connector allows you to easily integrate with any other systems within your organization like CRM, ERP, Data Quality services or legacy data. The connector includes these capabilities

  • Expose MySQL entities to create, read, update and delete records
  • Expose all fields in MySQL making them accessible to the integration
  • Utilize source and target relationships for joining data
  • Utilizes MySQL Authentication and permissions

Use MySQL connector to…

  • Replicate cloud data down to your MySQL data warehouse
  • Integrate with website back ends
  • Move legacy MySQL data to other systems
  • Integrate with any application across your business that uses MySQL as a back end


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