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Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector for Insight

Distributor: Scribe

Tier: Scribe   Created and supported by Scribe. Created and supported by a Scribe partner and were certified by Scribe to be compatible with the Scribe platform. Created by members of the Scribe community (Scribe users or Scribe Labs), but have not been productized. They are made available on an "as is" basis to provide samples of what connectivity can be created for our platforms. Scribe does not offer formal support for these connectors.

Cost: Free

Works with: Scribe Insight

How to Download: Insight Download

Whether running Dynamics AX 2009 or Dynamics AX 2012, Scribe offers an integration solution to quickly customize, automate, and streamline the flow of your internal business data. With a Dynamics AX integration powered by Scribe you can make financial data from Dynamics AX available to key decision makers across your organization that can benefit from that information. Empower sales and marketing teams by allowing them to access key financial data about customers and orders directly in the CRM system they already access. Provide information to services teams so they can answer customer inquiries quickly and accurately. Pre-built mapping templates from Scribe and a library of technology and CRM connectors will help you synchronize data flow between your critical business systems at far lower cost than developing custom integrations. Additionally, the mapping templates provided facilitate a more accurate and efficient application-level integration than can be achieved by manual processes.

Integrate Data with the Microsoft Dynamics AX connector to…

  • Enable cross-functional teams working in silos across multiple applications to see consistent and current customer data
  • Synchronize customer and sales data between AX and your CRM system to ensure accuracy
  • Allow for sales entry of order data in front-end systems which can be seamlessly integrated with AX sales modules
  • Sync invoice data from AX to your CRM system
  • Allow for two-tier ERP deployments


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