Voice & Data – Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP

Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP Helped Voice & Data Complete the Integration Between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP Smoothly Which Resulted In Having the Information They Need Right at Their Fingertips

Client - Voice and Data Networks Inc
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP

By integrating Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP with Scribe Insight, the effectiveness of our sales staff has gone up significantly, and we can process orders 80 percent faster than the old manual approach.

Bob Prayfrock
Director of IT/Operations, Voice & Data Networks

As the premier telecommunications company in its region, Voice & Data Networks has built a large and growing family of customers across the Midwest.

To provide detailed, real-time information to sales and service staff, Voice & Data Networks needed to integrate its Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution with Dynamics GP. Finding the integration tools available from Microsoft unable to meet the full extent of the company’s requirements, Voice & Data Networks turned to its software consulting and implementation partner, InterDyn Business Microvar, which recommended Scribe Insight.

“Integrating our CRM and accounting systems was critical so that our sales and service staff have complete account and product information at their fingertips,” says Bob Prayfrock, Director of IT/Operations at Voice & Data Networks. “By integrating Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP with Scribe Insight, the effectiveness of our sales staff has gone up significantly, and we can process orders 80 percent faster than the old manual approach. In addition,  our accounting staff can handle the workload more efficiently—allowing increased order volume without increased overhead. So we can keep our customers happy while driving higher revenues and profits.”

By providing real-time, bidirectional integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP, Scribe Insight enables the staff at Voice & Data Networks to immediately determine if the desired product and quantity is available, locate the point of origination—whether in stock or through a partner—and even see the customer’s credit information, all in a single interface.

“One of the major challenges we faced was having multiple warehouses that we set up in Dynamics GP,” explains Prayfrock. “Support for more than one warehouse is not a standard feature in Dynamics CRM. But by using Scribe Insight, we were able to provide our sales people with a view into all our warehouses. The sales person can just type in a key word or two to get an exact count by location in seconds. It’s amazing.”


For the integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP to be successful, Voice & Data Networks had to first migrate information from its previous contact manager, Siebel Front Office, to Dynamics CRM and then reconcile any duplicate or inconsistent records. With 25,000 contacts and 18,000 accounts, this was no small task, yet Scribe Insight enabled Voice & Data to complete the migration quickly and easily.

We thought the migration was going to be a huge hurdle,” recalls Prayfrock. “As it turned out, with Scribe Insight, the entire migration went incredibly smoothly. Even chronological activities and notes—things we were told for years would be impossible to get— came over. Because Scribe Insight provides a template for Siebel Front Office, most of the work was already done for us. We were able to get all the data from Siebel into the right place in Dynamics CRM without a problem. And that meant we could move ahead with the integration without delay.”


As with the migration, Voice & Data Networks completed the integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP smoothly, thanks to the Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP. While partner InterDyn Business Microvar took on the lion’s share of the integration work, Prayfrock and his team also used Scribe Insight to address the nuances required to meet the company’s unique integration requirements.

“Scribe Insight had most of the integration capabilities we needed built in,” says Prayfrock. “But it also had the flexibility so we could make a few modifications without causing any problems.

What’s great about Scribe Insight is we didn’t need anyone to come in and write source code to handle special requirements. We could do everything right from within the tool, which saved us a lot of time and money, and dramatically reduced the risk we would have faced with a customized integration.”

It’s natural that throughout the integration, Voice & Data would face some unforeseen issues. But at each turn, Scribe Insight continued to stand up to the challenges.

“At no time did I ever doubt our success using Scribe Insight,” affirms Prayfrock. “We considered other tools on the market, like BizTalk, but none of the vendors expressed any certainty in their abilities to do this integration. Only Scribe Software came in with genuine confidence that they could do it—there was no question at all. And they lived up to their promises. The integration operates perfectly, so our sales and service staff have the customer information they need right at their fingertips. That’s why we did the integration in the first place, because this information is essential for serving the needs of our customers and providing them with a great experience every time they contact us.”


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Providing salespeople with real-time access to data – from inventory to credit history


  • Scribe Insight
  • Scribe Adapter for Dynamics GP
  • Scribe Adapter for Dynamics CRM


  • Everybody serving customers better
  • Everybody having the information they need right at their fingertips
  • Everybody processing orders faster
  • Everybody working as one


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