The Apple Gold Group Realizes Over $100,000 Per Year Savings with the Help of Scribe Insight

Scribe Reduced Manual Data Entry Which Has Translated Into Savings Of Time And Money.

Client - Apple Gold, Inc
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics GP

Scribe has reduced manual data entry which has translated into savings of time and money. Scribe Insight has been flexible and reliable. It makes us more efficient.

Angelia Parrish
Payroll Manager, Apple Gold Group

The Apple Gold Group was founded in 1984, and currently operates more than 70 Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurants in North Carolina, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

A year ago Apple Gold’s new employee and payroll processes were time consuming and expensive. With over 4,000 employees at any given time working different jobs and shifts, Apple Gold’s Payroll Manager, Angelia Parrish, was dealing with a lot of data. The W-2 and per paycheck processing costs of their third-party payroll provider were expensive, and the turnover typical of the restaurant industry meant that a significant amount of new hire data had to be double-keyed; both at the restaurant and headquarters locations.

Angelia and her team knew they needed to reduce costs, but with the amount of employee and time tracking data their business managed, their search for a more cost-effective payroll solution had to involve an efficient data integration strategy.

The Apple Gold payroll process involved collecting individual files containing time clock data from their 72 Applebee’s locations and individually emailing those files on a bi-weekly basis to their third party payroll provider. This process was not only labor intensive, but the use of a 3rd party payroll provider involved significant W-2 and per paycheck processing fees. In addition, because Apple Gold hires some 300 employees every two weeks, they were dealing with a significant amount of new hire data. This data was entered into the point-of-sale system at the 72 restaurant locations and then re-keyed into the accounting system at Apple Gold headquarters.


Angelia and the Apple Gold team set out to reduce cost by bringing their payroll processing in-house and finding a more efficient way to deal with all the manual data preparation and movement that was occurring. As they looked at various accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications with payroll functionality, a key selection criterion was the existence of an integration tool that would reduce the time and errors involved in managing employee and time clock data. As they compared various accounting/ERP possibilities and narrowed the field to Microsoft Dynamics GP, they included the following conclusion in their analysis report:

One of the advantages of the Microsoft Dynamics GP offering is a product called Scribe Insight. This product will allow us to import new hires from the files created at the restaurants into the payroll program. Scribe Insight will look at the current employee list and compare that to the files that come each night from the restaurants. Scribe will add any employees not currently in the payroll program. Since approximately 50% of additional labor requests are related to new hires, we feel Scribe will be a powerful tool in helping reduce costs. This product will also convert the time clock records from the restaurant into a usable pay file to import into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In reviewing a competing accounting/ERP package, the vendor told Angelia that their solution to data integration involved custom development that would need to be modified as Apple Gold’s business processes changed.

Angelia wanted a solution that her team and a local Dynamics GP team could manage and modify as needed, without reliance on third party developers. Angelia chose Dynamics GP implemented by Massey Consulting of Raleigh, NC.

“The decision to purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP and use their payroll module was heavily influenced by the availability of Scribe Insight and the capabilities it provides for migrating and integrating data with GP,” concludes Angelia. “In addition, Scribe has reduced manual data entry which has translated into savings of time and money. Scribe Insight has been flexible and reliable.

The savings to Apple Gold from using Scribe and Microsoft Dynamics GP are clear and measurable:

  • The previous $1.67 per paycheck processing fees on 3 – 4,000 paychecks translates into over $10,000 per month in savings.
  • The previous $2.50 per W-2 processing fees on 4,000+ employees per year saves over $10,000 per year.
  • Import of restaurant new employee and time clock data takes less than 30 minutes every two weeks as opposed to 8 – 10 hours that was previously spent re-keying.
  • Off cycle checks required have dropped significantly now that new hire data is integrated from the point of sale systems to the new payroll application.
  • This saves Angelia’s department several hours each week.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Purchase a new ERP system that could integrate employee and payroll data to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent re-keying the information.


  • Scribe Insight Scribe Adapter for Dynamics GP


  • The savings on processing fees translates into over $10,000 per month
  • Time saved using Dynamics GP and Scribe for integration is approximately 234 hours per year
  • Other labor intensive processes have been dramatically improved
  • The Apple Gold Group now works much more efficiently
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