Steel Dynamics Migrates Data to New Accounting System and Integrates Custom Applications

Scribe Insight Provides Simple Creation of Custom Integrations and Automating Data Movement From the Custom Applications to Microsoft Dynamics GP Around the Clock, Leading to Steel Dynamic’s End Users Staying More Productive, Which Is Critical to Ensure High-Quality Service to their Customers.

Client - Steel Dynamics
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics GP

With Scribe Insight and the Adapter for Dynamics GP provided by Scribe, it was easy to set up the integrations.

Kelly Wonderly
General Systems Analyst, Steel Dynamics


Steel Dynamics is the fifth largest producer of carbon steel products in the U.S., with its Flat Roll Division accounting for nearly half that total output. To meet the tough demands of a 24 x 7 production facility, Steel Dynamics develops the majority of its business applications in-house, ensuring that they are precisely tuned to the unique requirements of the steel industry and the company’s Flat Roll Division in particular. But when the company decided to upgrade its off-the-shelf accounting package from Epicor to Microsoft Dynamics GP, a new set of challenges emerged: first, how to migrate historical accounting data; and then, how to preserve the integrations between its custom applications and the new accounting package. The answer to both problems came in a single solution: Scribe Insight.

“We use our custom applications to create invoices, record cash receipts, and issue credits or debits for customers, all of which must be reflected in our accounting system,” explains Michael Eckstein, Systems Supervisor at Steel Dynamics’ Flat Roll Division. “If we were going to change our accounting software, we had to be sure we could still integrate data from the custom applications with the new package. Scribe not only made it possible, they made it easy. Today, we have successfully migrated all pertinent data from our old accounting system to Dynamics GP, and we have real-time integrations that perform reliably around the clock. That means our end users can stay productive with assurance that our accounting system is in sync with our custom applications.”

“Scribe Insight simplifies many of the tasks that are challenging or time consuming in these types of projects,” says Dujsila Chaisuthi, Financial Systems Analyst. “For instance, we didn’t have to map table to table because Scribe provides a user-friendly interface that allowed us to simply pick the data object we needed. And we didn’t have to get into the underlying code of Microsoft Dynamics GP—Scribe Insight did this for us, too. Scribe Insight also could handle a lot of data very quickly much faster than the Integration Manager.”


With a successful migration complete, Steel Dynamics then had to ensure that its custom-written applications could feed data into the new accounting system. This challenge was not a onetime migration, but a set of real-time integrations required to perform 24 x 7. The stand-alone integration tool— Microsoft Dynamics GP eConnect Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)—could not address the custom logic of Steel Dynamics’ integrations, nor did it have the capability of auto-mating the process. Once again, Scribe Insight provided the solution, simplifying the creation of custom integrations and automating data movement from the custom applications to Microsoft Dynamics GP around the clock.

“The problem was,” continued Eckstein, “Dynamics GP uses highly specialized code inside the accounting tables, so our old data mappings would not work. And it’s almost impossible to find an expert with the level of knowledge in Dynamics GP to figure out the new mappings. When our consulting firm, Infinia, recommended Scribe Insight, we knew we found the answer. Scribe has Microsoft knowledge built into the software, so it was easy to migrate our historical data and create the new real-time integrations. I don’t know how else we could have made this important change without Scribe Insight.”

“With Scribe Insight and the Adapter for Dynamics GP provided by Scribe, it was easy to set up the integrations,” reports Kelly Wonderly, General Systems Analyst. “For each custom program, we select the specific data that needs to move into the accounting system and write that to a temporary table. Scribe Insight simply grabs the data in with the assurance that this data is consistent in the Dynamics GP package.

“Our business users like the custom applications we developed because they’re easy to use and are tuned to the unique needs of our business,” explains Eckstein. “If they had to manually re-enter that data into Dynamics GP, it would not only drag down productivity, but also introduce increased risk of error. Instead, they can use our custom applications and, with one click, create an invoice or credit an account, and Scribe Insight automatically updates this information in the right fields within Dynamics GP. So our end users can stay more productive, which is critical to ensure high-quality service to our customers.”

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