Project Snapshot – IT Service Provider

Integration Reduces Manual Data Entry and Need for Sales to Access Multiple Systems

Client - Anonymous
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage

All employees are able to see complete view of customer account. It's greatly reduced our manual data entry.

This customer focuses on select, high-quality, reliable, and modern technologies to create effective Information Technology (IT) concepts for their customers, so they may accurately and reliably solve the customer’s IT data security and computer system requirements.


  • Data being entered up to three times; wasting time and resources and increasing the likelihood of errors
  • Giving salespeople the ability to create quotes through the CRM
  • Eliminating the need for salespeople to access ERP


  • Scribe Insight
  • Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • Custom Development – Developing a custom integration was more expensive and would require more maintenance long-term
  • Competitor 1 – Scribe was easier to use than this alternative product


  • Scribe Insight connects Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Membership data in real-time
  • All employees are able to see complete view of customer account
  • Greatly reduced manual data entry
  • New ability for sales teams to up-sell and cross-sell for ongoing needs of customers
  • No more need for sales-persons to access the ERP
  • ERP-Information accessible in CRM environment (e.g.categories, statistics, revenue), therefore no need for salespeople to access ERP
  • All sales data and process in one screen
  • Two-way accounts, quotes and orders synchronization in real time using message queues, contacts, products, price list etc.
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