Project Snapshot – Distributor of Wood Pellet Grills

Improves Sales Effectiveness with Sage ERP-Salesforce CRM Integration

Client - Anonymous
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Adaptive Insights, Salesforce, Saleslogix

Scribe has provided a highly scalable solution to accommodate our business growth. It provides great value for small businesses.

This company manufactures and distributes wood pellet grills for smoking and cooking. Utilizing an indirect cooking system, this company’s grills prepare food in a way that reduces fat and reduces the burning or charring of meats that can transform amino acids and other natural substances in foods into carcinogens.


  • Need to deliver key customer and order information to sales reps from Sage Accpac ERP through
  • Sales team needs current and accurate customer and order information regardless of where they are located


  • Scribe Insight
  • Scribe Adapter for Salesforce
  • Scribe Adapter for SalesLogix


  • Manual Entry


  • Highly effective integration tool that is simple to modify
  • Scales easily as leads and integration demands grow
  • Scribe has allowed sales team to be more productive, have access to more accurate information and provide better customer service
  • Scribe is very cost effective and “provided most value for small businesses.”
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