LyntonWeb Generates High-Margin Monthly Revenue Integrating HubSpot with Dynamics CRM using Scribe Online

Scribe Gave Lyntonweb The Ability To Lowers The Cost Of Integrations Which Help Address Client Pricing Objections And Generate Recurring Revenue By Enabling The Offering Of Integration As A Managed Service

Client - LyntonWeb, LLC.
Scribe Product – Online
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Netsuite, Salesforce

From a technical stand point, we wanted a platform that allows us to quickly create integrations and deliver bullet-proof performance. This is critical to the success of our marketing solutions–we can’t afford for our customer integrations to fail or perform poorly.

Daniel Lynton
Founder and CEO, LyntonWeb

As a HubSpot partner, LyntonWeb designs, deploys and manages HubSpot marketing solutions  for its customers. HubSpot is the #1 leading marketing platform that helps over 10,000 companies  worldwide generate traffic, leads, and sales. Most LyntonWeb customers are ahead of the curve with their marketing strategies—using HubSpot’s integrated lead management, marketing automation,  and website tools.


LyntonWeb creates many of its integrations from scratch, but the agency tries to use existing tools and platforms whenever possible. For the most popular CRM platforms LyntonWeb customers rely on—Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, NetSuite®, and Salesforce®—the agency sought a new way to create the integrations to reduce development and maintenance costs. By doing so, LyntonWeb hoped to pass the savings along to customers while increasing the long-term profit margins of client engagements.


  • Streamline development of integrations between HubSpot and CRM platforms
  • Lower development costs to provide more attractive pricing to clients
  • Partner with the right integration platform provider that ensures integration stability and performance


The need for an integration platform was driven by the new release of HubSpot 3, which included a completely new marketing contact database with robust APIs. This opened up the capability for bi-directional synchronization, and it meant that new integrations would require greater resource costs.“We decided to partner with an integration platform provider rather than build integrations on our own,” Lynton says.“We wanted to avoid allocating in-house resources for initial development as well as on-going maintenance.”In the search for a HubSpot integration platform, Lynton initially considered multiple possibilities, including Scribe Online. The power of the platform and the depth of Scribe Online connectors, such as HubSpot, allow LyntonWeb to easily create source and target connections that can be integrated to contact information in other data sources, such as Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM and Salesforce®.


  • Features cloud and on-premise CRM interoperability
  • Offers extensive connectivity, including HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, NetSuite®, and Salesforce®
  • Enables the agency to quickly set-up and configure HubSpot integrations
  • Allows pricing model that aligns usage and delivery of services to maximize profits


  • Lowers cost of integrations to help address client pricing objections
  • Generates recurring revenue by enabling the offering of integration as a Managed Service
  • Performs consistently and reliably to ensure client solutions function properly
  • Helps differentiate LyntonWeb from competitors that offer less-flexible integration services or no integration services at all
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