LyntonWeb Leverages Scribe Online to Accelerate Time to Value for Dynamics CRM Connectivity

Scribe Online Automatically Configures and Provisions the Integration Without Manual Intervention From Lyntonweb’s Sales or Services Teams, Bringing Total Time to Purchase, Configure and Deploy the Integration Down to Just a Couple Hours.

Client - LyntonWeb’s Integrate HubSpot Service
Scribe Product – Online
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We needed a scalable way to make integration more accessible to HubSpot users of all sizes. Scribe’s iPaaS provided the answer – a plug-and-play way to make our solution work for virtually all customers, unlocking the power of automated self-service integration.

Daniel Lynton
Founder and CEO of LyntonWeb

LyntonWeb is one of the fastest-growing managed inbound marketing and web design agencies in  the country that designs, deploys and manages HubSpot marketing solutions for its customers. By  using the API of Scribe Online, Scribe’s iPaaS offering, LyntonWeb was able to offer more accessible  integration services to HubSpot customers, bridging the worlds of marketing automation and sales  CRM to make HubSpot deployments even more valuable. LyntonWeb customers are ahead of the  curve—leveraging the most advanced solutions available for integrated lead management and  marketing automation.


LyntonWeb rapidly develops and deploys custom HubSpot solutions, which includes integrating HubSpot with the most popular CRM platforms—Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, NetSuite® and Salesforce®. To deliver the custom experience clients demand while maintaining high margins, they rely on Scribe Online over hand-coding and slower, more complicated integration platforms. However, many smaller companies lack both the expertise for in-house integration projects and the resources to pay high integration fees. Daniel Lynton saw an opportunity to bring the power of integrated Dynamics CRM and HubSpot to the small business market, offering a self-service SaaS option built on Scribe’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS). The new solution needed to provide basic integration for a low cost point, while maintaining reasonable sales margins.


  • Increase affordability and time-to-value of integration between Dynamics CRM and HubSpot while maintaining profitability.
  • Create an easy-to-use, self-service platform to lower integration cost and time – making it economically feasible for both the buyers and suppliers.
  • Ensure integration stability and scalability for long-term customer success.


To answer the need for fast, IT-free HubSpot-to-Dynamics CRM integration, LyntonWeb developed a low-cost, easy-to-deploy SaaS solution built with Scribe Online. Integrate HubSpot offers two-way, self-tailored data synchronization between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM that starts with users filling out a HubSpot web form. The form includes information about the user’s integration needs – including whether or not they require custom fields – and the systems they are trying to connect. For more basic needs that don’t involve custom field mapping, Scribe Online automatically configures and provisions the integration without manual intervention from LyntonWeb’s sales or services teams, bringing total time to purchase, configure and deploy the integration down to just a couple hours. With this touch-less system, integration becomes affordable for smaller organizations.


While Integrate HubSpot deployment is streamlined, functionality is not. The solution empowers business users with:

  • Closed-loop reporting for consistent sales attribution and personalized 1-to-1 inbound marketing.
  • Standard field maps, which include all HubSpot conversion and analytics data, including website visits, email campaigns, and social.
  • Standard integration field mapping out of the box, leading to faster time to value.


  • Cost: High quality integration for price-sensitive HubSpot users.
  • Higher Margins: Automates the entire integration process, lowering the cost of sale, implementation and maintenance so LyntonWeb can profitably target the under-served small business market.
  • Time: Cuts down the lengthy development and sales cycle usually surrounding integration projects.
  • Scalability: Integrate HubSpot can be customized and adjusted to each user’s needs.
  • Stability and security: A HubSpot-certified integration solution provider with 20 years of experience, Scribe is a proven leader in data integration solutions.
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