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Solution: Integrated Systems with 360° view, using Scribe

Client - OMICRON
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Act, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Without Scribe, our CRM system is useless to us. Before we started using Scribe, when our people were on a sales call, they had no way to access customer information, such as received quote orders, repair cases, etc.

Armin Rosenauer
IT Project Manager, OMICRON

OMICRON provides the critical electronic testing and diagnostic equipment to keep power and electricity running without disruption in 140 countries, covering every continent in the world. But they realized what was missing from their systems was a lack of disruption when assisting their customers. With a “Customer comes first” philosophy, this disruption was unacceptable, and also made it difficult for sales calls as well as proper revenue forecasting.

To gain the necessary insight into their customer accounts, OMICRON needed to establish a 360degree view of each customer, with data seamlessly integrated from disparate systems including Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • This integration would allow any sales or service member to have the same information about the customer, during any interaction, by any OMICRON associate.
  • Once the integration was complete, OMICRON associates are now able to better service their customers, and forecast future business more effectively and accurately.

Scribe enables the integrations between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM by providing the single view of global customer information including received quote orders,repair cases, and products, and ensuring data consistency in both applications. The existing integration between AX and CRM allows the 360 degree view necessary for excellent customer service and accurate sales forecasting.


  • With customers in 140 countries, key data, such as customer address, had inconsistent formats making it virtually impossible to pull that information from Dynamics AX into DynamicsCRM.
  • Inconsistent information required customers to provide information which OMICRON already had, but not easily accessible to the sales teams.
  • The inability to provide accurate forecasts was a critical data issue that became a company-wide problem that needed to be resolved.
  • The lightweight connector provided by Microsoft was not enough to satisfy their complex integration needs, so they needed to find a more robust 3rd party integration solution.


  • OMICRON made the decision very quickly once they learned about Scribe. They had a complex integration which they expected would become even more complex as the project progressed, and Scribe could clearly solve their current and growing needs.
  • They successfully implemented Scribe’s integration solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX and DynamicsCRM, and using Scribe’s pre-built Adapters and templates they were able to solve their complex integrations quickly.
  • Utilizing Scribe training, OMICRON learned how to be self-sufficient and manage their integrations on their own, to make adjustments and further extend their integrations when necessary.


  • Establishing a true 360 degree view of their customers has allowed managers to start providing reliable forecasting, which was the high priority for the company.
  • The databases from every time zone in the world, in a wide variety of formats and languages is now visible so managers can see the data clearly, and share insights with each other.
  • OMICRON’s philosophy is short and simple; “The customer comes first”. Now that they use Scribe to integrate their customer information, their philosophy has become a reality.
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