West Pharmaceutical – Integrating SAP® ERP with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Creates Unified View of Business Activity

Scribe Simplifies Complex Data Integrations to Enable Fast-Track Deployments for Connecting Erp and Crm Systems With Each Other and any Other Software System.

Client - West Pharmaceutical
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP ERP PI, Trackwise

By relying on Scribe to transfer all customer and product information from our two SAP ERP instances into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we now have a unified view of all key master data elements across the globe.

Anil Nair
Director, SAP Technical Services , West Pharmaceutical

West Pharmaceutical first deployed the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM platform to integrate customer and material master data from multiple ERP systems into a global CRM system. The next key technical challenge related to the company’s two SAP® ERP instances—one for North America and one for Europe/Asia. The systems relied on different data schemes, and West needed to ensure data from both could flow into the new CRM platform—where internal personnel could then access a harmonized view of all company activity. West also needed to tie in data from its two customer complaint systems—TrackWise® by Sparta Systems and SAP® .


West partners with thousands of customers for whom it provides thousands of different products. With so many customers separated into hierarchical sub-accounts, connecting data between Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, SAP® ERP, and TrackWise® presented a complex integration task. West efficiently solved the challenge through Scribe and SAP Process Integration (PI). SAP PI receives data from both SAP® ERP systems and TrackWise® . Scribe connects with SAP PI and automatically maps the data to the appropriate data fields within Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.


Scribe provides West with all the required integration functionality, including an interface that checks all the entities in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and automatically connects each entity with the data from the two SAP® ERP systems. By routing the ERP data first through SAP PI, West can then leverage Scribe to map the data through one master set. Scribe immediately transferred all historical customer and product data for West and now efficiently processes 250 delta record changes on average per day, without any intervention from internal resources.


  • Transfer data from two SAP® ERP instances and the TrackWise® customer feedback platform into Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.
  • Create consolidated, unified views of all global customers and product information flowing from two ERP systems with different master data schemes and business processes.
  • Integrate ERP and customer feedback data within the CRM platform so internal personnel can provide services to customers armed with accurate, real-time information.


  • Sends SAP® ERP and TrackWise® information automatically to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM data fields.
  • Sets the stage for planned two- way integration for uploading sales quote information from Microsoft Dynamics® CRM into SAP® ERP.
  • Provides blueprint design for planned integrations with different ERP vendor platforms leveraged by other company divisions.
  • Offers simplified technology that enables self-teaching among the internal staff.


  • Simplifies complex data integrations to enable fast-track deployments for connecting ERP and CRM systems with each other and any other software system.
  • Streamlines upgrades by eliminating the need for code modifications.
  • Provides real-time, unified view of information to help personnel more effectively service customers.
  • Reduces support costs by lowering dependency on outside consulting services.
  • Uploads daily updates automatically from ERP into CRM without business interruptions.
  • Streamlines future migration of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to the cloud.
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