Konica Minolta – Improving Business Decision-Making by Consolidating CRM in Europe & Asia

With Scribe, Konica Minolta Can Analyze Business Results and Generate Forecasts for Europe and Asia in Real Time, While Sales Teams Can Immediately Access Accurate Account Status Information.

Client - Konica Minolta IT Solutions GmbH
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The integration Scribe creates between our CRM and ERP systems gives us the ability to enhance client relationships so our sales teams can close on more business opportunities.

Martin Middelkoop
Manager IT CRM, Konica Minolta Europe

After M&A activity expanded the Konica Minolta European and Asian presence across 30+ countries, the company decided to consolidate customer and reseller-channel CRM systems into a single platform. Previously, CRM systems were hosted, maintained and customized individually by each country. But the company wanted to centralize and standardize CRM to give senior management the ability to compile business performance reports and sales forecasts  while allowing sales to access real-time customer information. Konica Minolta wanted to then integrate CRM with the ERP system utilized in each country.


Relying on the expertise of systems integrator Avanade, Konica Minolta consolidated all CRM systems into a single solution—Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. Avanade also connected the platform to each country’s ERP system—which included a combination of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV and SAP®. When it came to the critical, bi-directional integration component between the CRM and ERP systems, Avanade recommended Scribe, which automatically transfers data between Dynamics CRM and both ERP solutions, as well as any other thirdparty information systems Konica Minolta might integrate in the future.


Scribe now handles more than 350,000 data transactions per day while exporting CRM business data on a daily basis to different targets: FTP servers, email accounts, network shares, and Web services. With this processing power, Konica Minolta can analyze business results and generate forecasts for Europe and Asia in real time, while sales teams can immediately access accurate account status information.


  • Meets in-country requirements and adheres to corporate policies so data can be compiled in a single unified system—Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.
  • Converts prospects into customers without creating duplicate entries.
  • Facilitates management of product compatibility, bundling, and pricing through imports that externally allocate source files.
  • Publishes aggregated CRM data to reseller channel portals and allows resellers to query the database.
  • Processes scheduled file imports/exports into CRM in different formats, e.g. CSV, XML.


  • Gives sales team immediate access to customer and product order data—without communicating with personnel from other departments.
  • Provides senior management in Europe and Asia, as well as corporate headquarters in Japan, with business-performance analysis in real time.
  • Allows direct sales teams and reseller partners to generate quotes with greater accuracy through automatic product catalog updates.
  • Documents sales processes with real-time information by uploading sales orders from ERP system into CRM system and linking customer, sales order, and quote records.


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