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Client - Equinox Fitness
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Saleslogix

Our accounting staff appreciates the integration because they now have an easier way to manage collections and review invoicing histories.

Patrick DiLullo
Experient’s Director of Market Intelligence, Experient

Experient brings together the people, facilities, and materials that provide a memorable, high-impact experience for organizations and their constituents, whether a small executive briefing or an international exposition. To support its business, Experient used a set of custom-developed applications for order processing and invoicing. However, these applications were disconnected from the sales process, which made it virtually impossible to gain a complete picture of the customer and limited prospecting visibility significantly. Recognizing the limitations of its legacy systems, Experient implemented SalesLogix for comprehensive customer relationship management, along with Microsoft Dynamics GP for order management and invoicing. To leverage the wealth of information available in both its CRM and accounting systems, however, Experient needed a way to integrate the two applications. The solution to this challenge was found with Scribe Insight.

Working with trusted technology partner Socius to implement the Scribe integration, Experient now has a seamless 360-degree view of its entire customer base and a powerful resource for driving business growth and profitability. Patrick DiLullo, Experient’s Director of Market Intelligence, explains, “With the Scribe integration between SalesLogix and Dynamics GP, we’re now able to capture every detail of our business— whether with hotels, suppliers, or clients—which is improving the quality and effectiveness of our services from end to end. Because we have more complete information that follows each customer from point of first contact to actualized revenue, we’re able to forecast the business more accurately and better understand market dynamics to guide decision-making.

“Our accounting staff appreciates the integration because they now have an easier way to manage collections and review invoicing histories,” continues DiLullo. “In many cases, we have multiple facilities as part of an event, so we can see how many facilities have been invoiced and which ones have paid. This also plays directly into our commission payments processing, and enables our sales representatives to track activity so they know when to expect their commission checks. And because we track detailed statistics on all our business partners, we can report back to them with information that both strengthens our relationships and improves our negotiating position.”


Experient needed a way to not just share information between SalesLogix and Dynamics GP, it also needed the flexibility to accommodate complex, multifaceted business processes. Events may involve multiple contracts with hotels, event suppliers, client organizations, or a combination of all three. In some cases, events are planned years in advance requiring revenue to be deferred. Also, various percentages, based on individual business arrangements with each partner, must be properly calculated and applied for each invoice.

DiLullo considered a number of packaged integration solutions on the market, but ultimately chose Scribe Insight because Experient needed the flexibility to support highly sophisticated business rules, which the other solutions could not accommodate.

“Since we often book events far in advance, invoicing information from SalesLogix may not be sent to Dynamics GP for years,” explains DiLullo. “In some cases, revenue must be deferred; in other cases we may have multiple stage invoicing—there are many different situations that have to be taken into consideration. The Scribe integration is sophisticated enough to recognize all these scenarios and accurately place data in a deferred revenue account or keep track of the appropriate balances if there are multiple stages in the invoicing. It also allows us to streamline the whole process by doing bulk invoicing. For example, we can send 50 or 60 orders from SalesLogix over to Dynamics GP all at once, and have separate invoices generated automatically for all of them. It’s really boosted efficiency while providing us with a more up-to-the-minute picture of our business. Plus, our partners and clients are pleased with the increased accuracy and timeliness of the invoicing.”

Experient also takes advantage of the Scribe integration to move information from Dynamics GP to SalesLogix to keep the two applications synchronized when updates are made directly in the accounting system.

“We have the flexibility to create invoices on the fly in Dynamics GP and have this information automatically reflected in SalesLogix,” reports DiLullo. “Sometimes an invoice will be very detailed and need to be created line item by line item. And receipts are all posted directly in Dynamics GP. So every night we run the integration, which finds new receipts or invoices and imports them into SalesLogix. It’s another important way that Scribe Insight helps everyone stay on the same page. So our client-facing employees aren’t spending their time chasing down information, but instead can focus on serving our customers and growing the business.”

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