CCAP – Consolidation Helps Law Officials Process Cases More Efficiently

Scribe Enables The CCAP To Better Decision-Making By Ensuring Law Officials Have Access To All Offender Information And Saves Hours Of Data Input By Automatically Receiving Court Data.

Client - County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP)
Scribe Product – Insight
Connector – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By automating the process of consolidating data from multiple source systems, Scribe helps county staffs perform their jobs more efficiently & comply with reporting requirements.

Rita Reynolds
Chief Information Officer (CIO), CCAP

In the late 1980s, and on behalf of the counties of Pennsylvania, CCAP worked with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to manage several grants that allowed for the development of three separate law-offender case management systems for county departments. Under this arrangement, identical information on the same offenders often existed in all three databases— Adult Probation, Jail, and District Attorneys. While it was an improvement to have this data available through technology, many law officials did not have access to all three systems and sometimes had to contact other departments for information. County personnel were also required to manually re-key data as they received it from other systems.


To resolve the situation, CCAP searched for an efficient method to bring all law offender data together into one system. By building such a system, CCAP hoped to eliminate manual paperwork while also simplifying data access and lowering the burden of departments having to help each other.


After identifying Microsoft Dynamics® CRM as the system for consolidating the offender information, CCAP then turned to Scribe as the solution for importing the data from the case management databases. The CCAP staff quickly discovered how easy it is to use Scribe for linking data elements from the various databases to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Users see field names they are accustomed to when mapping the data, which makes the process run more smoothly.


  • Consolidate law offender information stored across three isolated databases.
  • Eliminate data errors caused by manual input.
  • Present all offender information in one place to streamline case management decision-making.


  • Creates centralized case management repository of all law-offender information.
  • Provides easy access to information for law officials and offenders through an online portal.
  • Simplifies creation of new data maps by using field titles familiar to end-users.
  • Automates receipt of court data received through the Internet.


  • Enables better decision-making by ensuring law officials have access to all offender information.
  • Lowers cost of data mapping when new federal and state regulations require new information.
  • Saves hours of data input by automatically receiving court data.
  • Reduces data errors since individuals no longer re-key information manually.
  • Allows offenders to input data into portal and automatically uploads the data into the case management system.
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