Armanino Expands Software Product Line in the Cloud by Leveraging Scribe Online Integration Platform

Scribe helps Armanino's products perform the way they should as well as expand their business model by increasing repeat integration business in relation to custom work.

Client - Amarnino's Customers
Scribe Product – Online
Connector – Adaptive Insights, Coupa, Inacct, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Salesforce

Scribe helps our products perform the way we want them to as well as expand our business model by allowing us to increase our repeat integration business — Scribe has helped us develop a profitable, stable cloud integration business.

Dave Burlington
Partner-Consulting Services, Armanino

Armanino LLP is the largest independent accounting and  business consulting firm in California and the 26th largest  firm in the United States.  Armanino consultants provide comprehensive services to the  CFO organizations of fast-growing  companies, including Microsoft  Dynamics ™ Implementation, Cloud Accounting Solutions and CFO Advisory services. The firm’s Cloud Accounting Solutions practice  brings leading SaaS solutions and integration capabilities to the strategic challenges faced by CFOs. Armanino’s Cloud Accounting  Solutions include business  intelligence, cloud financials, budgeting, forecasting and planning, governance, risk & compliance, equity management solutions and customer relationship management (CRM).


Armanino provides consulting and integration services to help organizations deploy, integrate and run accounting as well as ERP and sales automation solutions. With a specific focus on solving the information needs of CFOs and financial controllers, Armanino is often asked to integrate ERP systems in the cloud with supporting tools such as budgeting, forecasting, business intelligence, accounting and CRM.

Armanino has relied on Scribe insight for several years to help companies synchronize data between multiple on-premise systems.
A primary area of focus for Armanino is the Microsoft Dynamics TM family of CRM and ERP systems, where the company has become one of the top 5% of Microsoft resellers in the world. In addition, Armanino also specializes in other accounting, ERP and sales automation systems—such as Adaptive Insights ®, Intacct ®, Salesforce ® and Coupa ®. “As we began to deploy solutions in the cloud, we discovered that most cloud software packages either do not offer integration tools, or they provide tools that are at a very primitive data level,” says Dave Burlington, a Consulting Services Partner for Armanino who oversees cloud integrations. “This created a challenge for us because our customers look to us to help them orchestrate world-class business processes across disparate systems.”


As more customers began to ask for cloud-based integrations, Armanino envisioned a way to expand its business model by offering solutions with pre-built integrations between the major software solutions that customers rely on. By doing so, Armanino knew it could accelerate the speed at which it deploys and updates solutions. In addition to increasing the deployment bandwidth of the Armanino consulting team, the pre-built integrations would also reduce costs for customers since they are delivered using Scribe’s monthly subscription model.

“Delivering integrations and updates to customers faster also increases the value of our solution,” Burlington adds. “Our customers can put our capabilities to work sooner to improve their internal business processes, and we have reduced integration deployment times by well over 50 percent. At the same time, we have lowered the up front costs significantly since we now provide data integration under the recurring-revenue cloud model.”


Burlington emphasizes that another key to the relationship is how well the Scribe and Armanino business models align to each other. Scribe provides a flexible platform on which Armanino can build-in its intellectual property and then resell the packaged solution to customers, who do not have to sign a direct licensing agreement with Scribe. “We needed an integration platform that allowed us to match our revenue structure to our cost structure,” Burlington says. “Other integration vendors typically do not focus on enabling software integration and implementation companies like us to build products on top of their platforms. They focus more so on charging customers individually for the usage model, which does not match up well for us.”


By leveraging Scribe capabilities, Armanino has created a productized integration solution that contains Armanino intellectual property for orchestrating common financial and sales processes. Scribe also enables the flexibility for additional customization that Armanino can apply to meet each customer’s specific business process and reporting needs. Consultants re-use the same base connectors on implementations and then apply minor changes according to each client’s needs.

“The Scribe platform gives us the ability to build solutions that include pre-configured data integrations so we now have a repeatable model that does not require a lot of customization,” Burlington says. “This gives us the ability to be more efficient in delivering the level of enrichment our customers require. We also appreciate that the SaaS model lets us more efficiently keep our solution working properly since it’s easier to support and upgrade.”


Armanino is using Scribe to create pre-built “integration packs” that will speed its integrations for specific customers. The integration packs feature a combination of Armanino’s business-process best practices as well as Scribe’s data integration mappings.

“As we identify customer trends and specific integrations that multiple customers can benefit from, we will keep building new packs,” Burlington says. “Scribe is essentially enabling us to continuously expand our product line according to customer needs.”

From a competitive standpoint, Armanino views the Scribe partnership as a way to differentiate and deliver more value to customers by integrating its own intellectual property into the Scribe platform. “There was an unclaimed space in the market when it came to cloud integration,” Burlington explains. “There are also a lot of people providing cloud infrastructures, but we needed a partner like Scribe that could provide the business process orchestration capabilities we needed to deliver a solution like ours.”

Scribe also gives the Armanino sales team a stronger value proposition to present—through the ability to demonstrate the power of pre-built integrations deployed across multiple customers.

“This shows we go beyond reacting to customer needs by proactively delivering solutions that have already proven their value,” Burlington says. “And in addition to the lower initial cost based on the recurring subscription model, the customer TCO goes down further over time since updates can be handled through the cloud, with no need to wait for an on-site visit.”


Looking ahead, Burlington foresees utilizing the Scribe platform for both custom integrations and pre-built integrations well into the future. Armanino can now take on more customer deployments since the Scribe platform allows consultants to complete much of the integration work up front.

“It’s a partnership that simply makes good business sense,” Burlington concludes. “Scribe helps our products perform the way we want them to as well as expand our business model by allowing us to increase our repeat integration business in relation to our custom work. Pre- building integrations that allow customers to implement enhanced business processes
is a more efficient way for them to run their businesses, and it’s a better way for us to deliver value—Scribe has helped us develop a profitable, stable cloud business.”


  • Reduces costs for customers up front by offering a monthly subscription model.
  • Lowers customer total cost of ownership over time since updates can be handled through the cloud.
  • Enables solutions to be deployed more than 50 percent faster.
  • Streamlines development of new customer solutions by enabling IP to be packaged and reused.
  • Gives sales the ability to demonstrate the power of data integrations deployed for multiple customers.


  • Leverage advanced data mapping capabilities to integrate ERP systems with supporting tools.
  • Create pre-built data integrations to accelerate cloud solution deployments.
  • Identify integration partner that offers a cost structure that aligns with the company’s revenue model.


  • Provides flexibility to integrate cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid solutions.
  • Enables business-process orchestration to be built easily upon a leading data integration platform.
  • Connects multiple software solutions, no matter where they are hosted.
  • Generates repeatable pre-configured data integrations that do not require significant customization.
  • Leverages SaaS model to streamline on-going support and upgrades
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