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Adtech Global – Scribe Accelerates Inbound Marketing ROI with Agile, Reliable Multi-Point Connectivity between Sales and Marketing

For the past 16 years, Adtech Global, a contact center solutions and services expert, has helped businesses improve customer service operations and maximize workforce efficiency. In a move to ramp up their own marketing and sales efficiency, and to eliminate manual data transfer from the website to their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, Adtech partnered with LyntonWeb for a two-phase project: deploying HubSpot, and then integrating the new system and the company’s website with their existing Dynamics CRM deployment. Adtech Global’s initial third party integration platform caused issues with frequent unreported breakages, which led to hours or days of lost connectivity between systems. Adtech and LyntonWeb turned to Scribe Online, Scribe Software’s cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS), to improve the reliability of the integration.


To help them grow their business, Adtech wanted to turn their website into a lead generator. At the time, leads were not collected on the website. Instead, sales prospects visiting the website had to call into Adtech’s sales line, and the Adtech sales team would manually enter lead information into the company’s CRM system. The process was inconvenient for sales prospects and cumbersome for Adtech’s sales team. The Adtech team realized they needed a way to automatically capture details of prospects from the website to scale their business because they were losing business due to incorrect and missing information in their Dynamics CRM system. In addition to causing trouble for sales and prospects, the manual process and lack of marketing technology made effective digital marketing impossible, as the team had no way to nurture or reach out to more than a few leads at a time. Adtech’s marketing team agreed on the need for a marketing automation system integrated with their CRM to allow them to track leads and engage with prospects, leading them towards the inbound marketing experts at LyntonWeb.

LyntonWeb deployed HubSpot for Adtech, using a third party integration platform to connect Dynamics CRM with both the new marketing automation system and the website to automate the transfer of key prospect information. Although the appropriate structure was set up to start automatically capturing leads from the website, connectivity and reliability problems with the integration platform caused serious issues – Adtech was forced to manually monitor the service for issues, and then inform LyntonWeb each time the service stopped working. Adtech, however, was determined to realize the benefits of integrated data for its marketing and sales efforts, which LyntonWeb provided via Scribe Online.


  • Transition from capturing leads by hand to automatic, accurate and scalable lead capture
  • Empower Adtech’s marketing and sales teams with the information needed for personalized inbound marketing and sales via a customized HubSpot-to-Dynamics CRM integration
  • Ensure integration stability, and provide the ability to diagnose issues and perform quick fixes without interrupting Adtech’s workflow


  • To remedy the connectivity issues, LyntonWeb leveraged their internal HubSpot expertise and Scribe Software’s iPaaS offering to rapidly create a new integration for seamless, error-free connectivity. With Scribe, Adtech enjoys an agile, customizable yet stable connection between Dynamics CRM, HubSpot and their website.


  • Increase to the overall reliability of the integration, reducing the number of errors related to integration by 75 percent, and cutting down the troubleshooting process from hours to minutes via improved visibility into the health of the integration.
  • Capture of valuable data as prospect files are transferred across technology systems, improving marketing and sales interactions with: information on lead sources and visit timing; full commentary around prospects’ business interests; activities completed on the website; and more.
  • Automatic notifications when leads are created, allowing sales to follow up with leads the day their information is collected t o improve their close rate.

Vforce Auto Club Renewals – Integrates AAA Data Directly into Salesforce. The Result? Personalized Calls. Way Paved for Renewal.


Vforce Auto Club Renewals has taken the concept of a virtual enterprise and made it a thriving reality. Unlike traditional telemarketers that centralize their operations, Vforce takes advantage of sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) provided by, allowing its renewal specialists to work from anywhere in the United States. The critical link in driving call effectiveness is populating Salesforce with account information coming from Vforce’s AAA clients. The key to making this enterprise model a success: Scribe Insight.

Jack Sands, Vforce’s CEO, explains the solution: “Traditionally, AAA clubs will provide membership data in spreadsheets, which results in a very manual process that’s highly prone to errors— something that would never work with our distributed workforce. Instead, we use Scribe Insight to automatically integrate the AAA data directly into Salesforce. That way our callers get much more timely renewal lists, as well as more complete information to improve the quality and efficiency of each call.”

With the Scribe integration, renewals from Vforce’s AAA club clients are uploaded to Salesforce every five seconds, providing telemarketers with complete member details at their fingertips. As the telemarketer updates the member account in Salesforce, the Scribe integration also feeds this new data back to the AAA system, immediately providing the club with renewal acceptances, as well as the most current member information.

The beauty of the Scribe integration is that it’s all automated, with no human intervention required,” says Sands. “That makes the process highly efficient and reduces the chance of errors to virtually zero. In fact, the Scribe integration has enabled us to increase efficiency by as much as 20 percent. Also, because the information coming over into Salesforce is more complete and of higher quality, we’ve boosted our close rates by 15 percent or more. Plus, the extra level of detail opens up opportunities for up-selling services. So, we’re not only reaching more people each month, we’re driving significantly more business for our AAA clients.”


Vforce has further enhanced its service by applying formulas to the data as it is transferred from the AAA system to Salesforce. For example, based on a member’s address and zip code, Scribe Insight automatically determines the nearest AAA office for the customer and adds that information to Scribe Insight also goes a step further: it reaches out and pulls down driving directions to the local AAA office, integrating this information into Salesforce and adding an extra level of service and personalization to the call.

“One of the great things about Scribe Insight is how flexible and adaptable it is to handle our unique business needs,” observes Sands. “We’ve been able to enhance the basic integration with features that add directly to the quality and success of our service, without adding cost to our business. We also customize and add fields in Salesforce all the time, and the Scribe software makes it very easy to accommodate these changes in the integration. So we can do what’s best for our business without being limited to the constraints that custom-coded integration solutions would have.”


To perform the integration, Vforce worked with a local Scribe partner, Socius, as well as one of Scribe’s own Salesforce experts. The team faced a tough challenge, having to complete the integration in just three weeks to meet a renewal deadline for one of Vforce’s biggest AAA clients.“It was an intense time leading up to the launch,” recalls Sands, “but everything went like clockwork. Scribe provided us with a real advantage because they already have an adapter for and the Scribe Insight tool has the flexibility to handle special integration requirements without writing code. There are other companies vying for the market, but Scribe Insight has been around for a while and has proven to be a very solid software product—it works and it works so easily at a great value. For example, I had one company propose to do this integration, but it would have taken months and cost over $60,000. With Scribe, we were completed in three weeks and at a fraction of that estimate. When it comes to integrating with, Scribe wins hands down.”

Experient Delivers Integrated Meeting and Event Services, from Concept to Completion

Experient brings together the people, facilities, and materials that provide a memorable, high-impact experience for organizations and their constituents, whether a small executive briefing or an international exposition. To support its business, Experient used a set of custom-developed applications for order processing and invoicing. However, these applications were disconnected from the sales process, which made it virtually impossible to gain a complete picture of the customer and limited prospecting visibility significantly. Recognizing the limitations of its legacy systems, Experient implemented SalesLogix for comprehensive customer relationship management, along with Microsoft Dynamics GP for order management and invoicing. To leverage the wealth of information available in both its CRM and accounting systems, however, Experient needed a way to integrate the two applications. The solution to this challenge was found with Scribe Insight.

Working with trusted technology partner Socius to implement the Scribe integration, Experient now has a seamless 360-degree view of its entire customer base and a powerful resource for driving business growth and profitability. Patrick DiLullo, Experient’s Director of Market Intelligence, explains, “With the Scribe integration between SalesLogix and Dynamics GP, we’re now able to capture every detail of our business— whether with hotels, suppliers, or clients—which is improving the quality and effectiveness of our services from end to end. Because we have more complete information that follows each customer from point of first contact to actualized revenue, we’re able to forecast the business more accurately and better understand market dynamics to guide decision-making.

“Our accounting staff appreciates the integration because they now have an easier way to manage collections and review invoicing histories,” continues DiLullo. “In many cases, we have multiple facilities as part of an event, so we can see how many facilities have been invoiced and which ones have paid. This also plays directly into our commission payments processing, and enables our sales representatives to track activity so they know when to expect their commission checks. And because we track detailed statistics on all our business partners, we can report back to them with information that both strengthens our relationships and improves our negotiating position.”


Experient needed a way to not just share information between SalesLogix and Dynamics GP, it also needed the flexibility to accommodate complex, multifaceted business processes. Events may involve multiple contracts with hotels, event suppliers, client organizations, or a combination of all three. In some cases, events are planned years in advance requiring revenue to be deferred. Also, various percentages, based on individual business arrangements with each partner, must be properly calculated and applied for each invoice.

DiLullo considered a number of packaged integration solutions on the market, but ultimately chose Scribe Insight because Experient needed the flexibility to support highly sophisticated business rules, which the other solutions could not accommodate.

“Since we often book events far in advance, invoicing information from SalesLogix may not be sent to Dynamics GP for years,” explains DiLullo. “In some cases, revenue must be deferred; in other cases we may have multiple stage invoicing—there are many different situations that have to be taken into consideration. The Scribe integration is sophisticated enough to recognize all these scenarios and accurately place data in a deferred revenue account or keep track of the appropriate balances if there are multiple stages in the invoicing. It also allows us to streamline the whole process by doing bulk invoicing. For example, we can send 50 or 60 orders from SalesLogix over to Dynamics GP all at once, and have separate invoices generated automatically for all of them. It’s really boosted efficiency while providing us with a more up-to-the-minute picture of our business. Plus, our partners and clients are pleased with the increased accuracy and timeliness of the invoicing.”

Experient also takes advantage of the Scribe integration to move information from Dynamics GP to SalesLogix to keep the two applications synchronized when updates are made directly in the accounting system.

“We have the flexibility to create invoices on the fly in Dynamics GP and have this information automatically reflected in SalesLogix,” reports DiLullo. “Sometimes an invoice will be very detailed and need to be created line item by line item. And receipts are all posted directly in Dynamics GP. So every night we run the integration, which finds new receipts or invoices and imports them into SalesLogix. It’s another important way that Scribe Insight helps everyone stay on the same page. So our client-facing employees aren’t spending their time chasing down information, but instead can focus on serving our customers and growing the business.”

Project Snapshot – Customized, Prepaid Credit Card Programs


  • Have very customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM system that is being integrated with early Baan ERP system
  • No automated integration system in place
  • Do not want to allocate extensive development resources to integration project


  • Scribe Insight
  • Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • Custom Development
  • Manual Entry


  • Provides a dependable, accurate integration which has been easy to maintain and configure
  • Scales easily and customer will be adding additional applications to the integration soon

Project Snapshot – IT Service Provider

This customer focuses on select, high-quality, reliable, and modern technologies to create effective Information Technology (IT) concepts for their customers, so they may accurately and reliably solve the customer’s IT data security and computer system requirements.


  • Data being entered up to three times; wasting time and resources and increasing the likelihood of errors
  • Giving salespeople the ability to create quotes through the CRM
  • Eliminating the need for salespeople to access ERP


  • Scribe Insight
  • Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • Custom Development – Developing a custom integration was more expensive and would require more maintenance long-term
  • Competitor 1 – Scribe was easier to use than this alternative product


  • Scribe Insight connects Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Membership data in real-time
  • All employees are able to see complete view of customer account
  • Greatly reduced manual data entry
  • New ability for sales teams to up-sell and cross-sell for ongoing needs of customers
  • No more need for sales-persons to access the ERP
  • ERP-Information accessible in CRM environment (e.g.categories, statistics, revenue), therefore no need for salespeople to access ERP
  • All sales data and process in one screen
  • Two-way accounts, quotes and orders synchronization in real time using message queues, contacts, products, price list etc.

Project Snapshot – Tech Consulting & Solutions Company


  • Tasked with a large migration from Salesforce to Dynamics CRM
  • With limited budget and resources also have to integrate CRM and NAV
  • Expecting continued growth and need integration tools that scales easily


  • Scribe Insight
  • Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • Cast Iron


  • Simple to maintain, product scales without any problems and minimum resources
  • Scribe was highly recommended by partner for robust integration capabilities
  • Complete tool that allows for SFDC migration as well as CRM to NAV integration