JIMEX Personalizes Customer Communications to Increase Bidding at Online Automobile Auctions

Historically, JIMEX customers have been dealers operating outside of Japan who purchased multiple cars per month. But the company saw the opportunity to expand its business by selling directly to consumers around the world that needed new or used vehicles, high-performance vehicles, or replacement parts.


Only Japan-based businesses can bid at automobile auctions hosted in Japan. But JIMEX, which is based in Japan, offers an ecommerce website with an online bidding tool that allows dealers and consumers all over the world to participate in the auctions. The site enables global customers to access over 100 car auctions taking place in Japan and get the best deals from each auction.


To expand B2C sales, JIMEX decided to build a communication system that had the potential to personalize and differentiate the ecommerce experience for consumers. Seeing marketing automation as a key element of that solution, the company decided to deploy HubSpot to automate its inbound and outbound marketing programs. To personalize the services offered to individual customers and increase customer activity in the auctions, JIMEX decided to push real-time updates out to customers as they participated in the online vehicle auctions. To facilitate that communication, the company realized it needed to integrate HubSpot with a number of unique data sources, such as predictive customer analytic systems, past auction results, specific characteristics of available vehicles, and consumer preferences. This would ensure each customer receives personalized information on the vehicles they are most likely to purchase.

“The key was to find a solution that could pull information from the multiple sources we use into HubSpot in real time,” says Luis Ramirez, Head of Marketing for JIMEX. “When a customer loses out on a particular auction bid, we want to immediately present them with other vehicles they can consider in order to maintain their interest and keep them active at our site.”

Based on a recommendation from HubSpot, JIMEX deployed Scribe Online. The cloud-based data integration solution was first used to connect HubSpot to a large SQL database that contained auction data such as specific vehicle characteristics, bid history, and past purchases. This data allowed JIMEX to personalize communications about upcoming auctions to each consumer’s preferences.

However, the JIMEX vision didn’t stop there. In subsequent phases, the company planned to integrate its HubSpot system with Twilio, an IP phone call logging and SMS communication system, to collect additional consumer information for targeting prospects. JIMEX also planned to integrate HubSpot with the HeaP analytics tool, which can record and analyze the steps visitors take on the company website. The company can then use Amazon RedShift to correlate the data to customer email addresses and other key identifiers so it can improve recommendations to consumers and predict the winning bids of future auctions.


By connecting to all these data sources, Scribe brought all of the company’s data on past bidding, customers, auctions and other transaction activity into HubSpot. The information can now be used to communicate upcoming auctions and vehicle information to potential buyers based on their buying preferences.

“Scribe appeals to us as a data integration tool because it’s not just a bespoke system,” says Ramirez. “We can expand and change integrations as we add new analytic tools or need to connect to other data sources that assist in our marketing efforts. With Scribe, we have essentially super-charged our automated marketing process and turned it into an outbound marketing vehicle—it’s like adding an Astin Martin engine to a Honda.”

By loading data from multiple sources into HubSpot fast, Scribe also provides JIMEX with the ability to add personalization and a vehicle recommendation engine as it reaches out to customers.

“With thousands of customers in over 50 countries, communicating with all of our customers directly would normally create a lot of effort because of all the export-import regulations and the process customers must follow to acquire a car online,” Ramirez says. “But the Scribe-HubSpot combination enables us to bring all the necessary information together quickly and automate the communication process. In addition to making the online shopping experience more enjoyable for our customers, we are also gaining the ability to sell our services into new markets.”

By relying on Scribe, JIMEX imported 250 different data fields and eight years of customer and auction bidding information into HubSpot. “Normally, it would have been time-prohibitive to load that much data into HubSpot, but Scribe enabled us to complete the task in just two weeks,” Ramirez points out.

In addition to marketing automation, the data brought into HubSpot from the company website by Scribe also helps JIMEX conduct marketing-lead scoring analytics. But the real-time synchronization Scribe offers during auctions is the crucial factor. Whereas other data integration solutions would take up to one hour to sync, Scribe executes the data updates every 3-5 minutes.

“The data that is integrated is personalized for each customer so we can make sure we present vehicles that match the attributes they are looking for and are most likely to prompt them to participate in an auction,” Ramirez says.

Looking ahead, Ramirez expects that the analytics brought into HubSpot by Scribe will help drive more visitors to a new website section called Favorites. This will allow customers to more easily identify auctions for their top preferences.

“Scribe enables us to give consumers a very customized ecommerce experience,” Ramirez emphasizes. “Connecting all of our unique marketing and analytic systems in real-time is the key value. We can generate messaging that speaks to customers one-to-one so they will keep wanting to do business with us.”

ON24 – Online Marketing Company Solves SaaS Integration Challenges with Scribe

ON24 is the leading webinar marketing platform for demand generation, lead qualification and customer engagement. Its award winning, patented, cloud based platform enables companies of all sizes to deliver engaging live and on demand webinars. Providing industry-leading analytics can be integrated with all leading marketing automation and CRM platforms, ON24 enables marketers.


ON24 develops webcasting, virtual training and online presentation solutions. More than 1,200 customers use its SaaS products to host webinars, training sessions and tall hall events. These customers wanted quick access to event-related data- registration details, interactions and other information- so that sales teams could quickly and effectively engage with prospects.

Previous attempts at solving the problem- providing manual data exports and offering raw feeds via an application programming interface (API)- were not enough. Customers found exports were too slow or difficult to manage, and they did not want to adapt their systems to integrate the feed. They wanted a simple, foolproof and automated solution that linked ON24 services with their CRM and marketing automation systems.

For ON24, meeting this demand was not a nice-to have. Easy integration would be a selling point for its solutions and enable the company to capture additional market share if it could make initial and future integration fast, maintainable and cost-effective.


For ON24, this demand was not a nice-to-have. Easy integration would be a selling point for its solutions and enable the company to capture additional market share if it could make initial and future integration fast, maintainable and cost effective.

Like many companies, ON24 initially thought that a solution could be managed in house with its existing development team. It had three criteria for success:

  • immediate connectivity for 10 CRM or marketing automation applications
  • fast customer deployments
  • profitable integrations

The plan was to write code that would connect ON24 services with the APIs of the most popular CRM and marketing automation platforms. To test the approach, developers created a custom integration to a single, relatively simple product. The cost and time for this activity exceeded initial estimates. A second integration, involving only two fields, produced similar results.

The prospect of developing — and maintaining — dozens of integrations quickly and for a reasonable cost was daunting. Hurdles included:

  •  learning the various APIs and data stores used by various applications
  •  finding the developer staff with the proper skills
  •  supporting integrations as vendors updated their APIs

Together, these issues made an internal solution too risky in terms of delivering a quality experience and retaining profitability.


Given the apparent costs, resource requirements and issues associated with custom coding its integrations, ON24 turned to Scribe Software.

Scribe offers a cloud-based integration platform that makes it easy and cost-effective to connect to many SaaS services. Besides directly maintaining connections to the most popular CRM and MA products, the Scribe ecosystem makes hundreds of partner-created connectors available including: Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Hubspot, SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM, NetSuite,, Marketo and Silverpop.

Using information learned from trying its custom code approach, ON24 quickly realized that leveraging Scribe would enable it to profitably exceed its customer needs. By connecting once to Scribe, ON24 immediately could leverage the existing Scribe connectors for the most important CRM and MA offerings. And, by relying on Scribe, ON24 would not have to worry about connector maintenance, such as updating code as APIs changed.From a business standpoint, ON24 could now tout its connectivity as a major product feature and competitive differentiator. Every existing and new customer suddenly had instant access to analytics from virtual events in their own CRM and marketing automation systems. And beyond increasing customer satisfaction and converting more prospects, ON24 estimates it will save $4MM in integration costs for clients over 5 years.

ON24 was recently named the leading Webcasting platform for marketing by Forrester Research, which cited the depth and breadth of their integration as an important factor.

Quark Expeditions and TCS World Travel Generate Real-Time Visibility Into Sales Leads and Inventory with Scribe Online

Sister companies Quark Expeditions, a leader in polar adventure travel, and TCS World Travel, a leader in private jet expeditions, are two of the eight North American travel organizations in the TUI Group and each deployed Salesforce to capture information from customers who contacted them through their call centers and their websites. But while Salesforce helped the sales teams gained better access to the customer information, the sales process was still complicated because other information, such as information on travel inventory, including the costs and itineraries, new leads and bookings, were stored in different systems.


To improve the efficiency of their specific sales organizations, the two companies knew they needed to integrate Salesforce with their reservation system. Plus, the companies thought they could improve the customer experience and drive even greater sales efficiency by making customer, inventory and reservation information readily available within one single system of record, i.e. Salesforce. The two companies solved the challenge by turning to Scribe Online. Sales teams at both Quark Expeditions and TCS World Travel now have instant access to bookings made through their call centers, real-time pricing information, and leads from their websites so they can react to customers more quickly. The sales teams can also easily see their progress toward closing new business and adapt their approach with each customer when necessary.


Quark Expeditions and TCS World Travel each had their own customized instance of Salesforce for managing customer information. They both also utilized HubSpot for marketing automation and Softrip for tracking reservations from the company websites and call centers. The Salesforce CRM platform had been implemented to improve communications with customers and to give sales agents a more efficient process for closing new business. But the sales team still had to use multiple systems to check the inventory or pricing of different travel adventures and to see the bookings that had been made via the website or call center. These disconnected systems slowed the sales process. To streamline the sales process at each company, Quark Expeditions and TCS World Travel wanted to find an integration solution that could unite each company’s customized installations of Salesforce and Softrip.


  • Identifying an integration solution that worked well with all three software solutions and would simplify the creation of data mappings between systems.
  • The internal IT team had limited resources, but did not want to incur the expense of hiring an outside firm for programming services.
  • Finding a simple-to-use solution that also offers flexible data mappings was critical as the two companies utilize different process flows. Each company also configures the CRM, marketing and reservation systems to meet their particular needs. The data mappings to integrate the three solutions would thus be unique as well.


  • Quark Expeditions and TCS World Travel found the answer to these challenges by turning to Scribe Online. They selected Scribe Online because it provides an easy methodology for creating data maps among a wide range software solutions—including Salesforce and Softrip.
  • Scribe integrates Salesforce and Softrip allowing customer booking information coming from Softrip to flow seamlessly into Salesforce so that Salesforce is the system of record. This eliminates the need for sales to access different systems and/or manually re-key information from one system to another.
  • By integrating Salesforce and Softrip, the two companies have also generated several key benefits. Sales agents now have instant access to new leads while sales managers can track the progress of agents—in case any sales opportunities need to be reassigned. The connected systems also give the sales team real-time access to vacation trip pricing and reservation availability so that they can instantly respond to customer inquiries.


  • Scribe Online’s graphical mapping environment and pre-built connector for Salesforce allowed Quark Expeditions and TCS World Travel to integrate each of their Salesforce/Softrip application sets in less than eight weeks.
  • Each company now has a single system of record where inventory information is entered once and automatically propagated across the other systems so that no information needs to be re-keyed. Within each company, sales agents now have instant access to the information they need to better service their customers, such as new leads and inventory information (pricing, itineraries and more). Plus, sales managers can get real-time updates on the status of leads so they can adjust the team’s priorities if the progress on opportunities needs to be accelerated.

LyntonWeb Leverages Scribe Online to Accelerate Time to Value for Dynamics CRM Connectivity

LyntonWeb is one of the fastest-growing managed inbound marketing and web design agencies in  the country that designs, deploys and manages HubSpot marketing solutions for its customers. By  using the API of Scribe Online, Scribe’s iPaaS offering, LyntonWeb was able to offer more accessible  integration services to HubSpot customers, bridging the worlds of marketing automation and sales  CRM to make HubSpot deployments even more valuable. LyntonWeb customers are ahead of the  curve—leveraging the most advanced solutions available for integrated lead management and  marketing automation.


LyntonWeb rapidly develops and deploys custom HubSpot solutions, which includes integrating HubSpot with the most popular CRM platforms—Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, NetSuite® and Salesforce®. To deliver the custom experience clients demand while maintaining high margins, they rely on Scribe Online over hand-coding and slower, more complicated integration platforms. However, many smaller companies lack both the expertise for in-house integration projects and the resources to pay high integration fees. Daniel Lynton saw an opportunity to bring the power of integrated Dynamics CRM and HubSpot to the small business market, offering a self-service SaaS option built on Scribe’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS). The new solution needed to provide basic integration for a low cost point, while maintaining reasonable sales margins.


  • Increase affordability and time-to-value of integration between Dynamics CRM and HubSpot while maintaining profitability.
  • Create an easy-to-use, self-service platform to lower integration cost and time – making it economically feasible for both the buyers and suppliers.
  • Ensure integration stability and scalability for long-term customer success.


To answer the need for fast, IT-free HubSpot-to-Dynamics CRM integration, LyntonWeb developed a low-cost, easy-to-deploy SaaS solution built with Scribe Online. Integrate HubSpot offers two-way, self-tailored data synchronization between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM that starts with users filling out a HubSpot web form. The form includes information about the user’s integration needs – including whether or not they require custom fields – and the systems they are trying to connect. For more basic needs that don’t involve custom field mapping, Scribe Online automatically configures and provisions the integration without manual intervention from LyntonWeb’s sales or services teams, bringing total time to purchase, configure and deploy the integration down to just a couple hours. With this touch-less system, integration becomes affordable for smaller organizations.


While Integrate HubSpot deployment is streamlined, functionality is not. The solution empowers business users with:

  • Closed-loop reporting for consistent sales attribution and personalized 1-to-1 inbound marketing.
  • Standard field maps, which include all HubSpot conversion and analytics data, including website visits, email campaigns, and social.
  • Standard integration field mapping out of the box, leading to faster time to value.


  • Cost: High quality integration for price-sensitive HubSpot users.
  • Higher Margins: Automates the entire integration process, lowering the cost of sale, implementation and maintenance so LyntonWeb can profitably target the under-served small business market.
  • Time: Cuts down the lengthy development and sales cycle usually surrounding integration projects.
  • Scalability: Integrate HubSpot can be customized and adjusted to each user’s needs.
  • Stability and security: A HubSpot-certified integration solution provider with 20 years of experience, Scribe is a proven leader in data integration solutions.

LyntonWeb Generates High-Margin Monthly Revenue Integrating HubSpot with Dynamics CRM using Scribe Online

As a HubSpot partner, LyntonWeb designs, deploys and manages HubSpot marketing solutions  for its customers. HubSpot is the #1 leading marketing platform that helps over 10,000 companies  worldwide generate traffic, leads, and sales. Most LyntonWeb customers are ahead of the curve with their marketing strategies—using HubSpot’s integrated lead management, marketing automation,  and website tools.


LyntonWeb creates many of its integrations from scratch, but the agency tries to use existing tools and platforms whenever possible. For the most popular CRM platforms LyntonWeb customers rely on—Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, NetSuite®, and Salesforce®—the agency sought a new way to create the integrations to reduce development and maintenance costs. By doing so, LyntonWeb hoped to pass the savings along to customers while increasing the long-term profit margins of client engagements.


  • Streamline development of integrations between HubSpot and CRM platforms
  • Lower development costs to provide more attractive pricing to clients
  • Partner with the right integration platform provider that ensures integration stability and performance


The need for an integration platform was driven by the new release of HubSpot 3, which included a completely new marketing contact database with robust APIs. This opened up the capability for bi-directional synchronization, and it meant that new integrations would require greater resource costs.“We decided to partner with an integration platform provider rather than build integrations on our own,” Lynton says.“We wanted to avoid allocating in-house resources for initial development as well as on-going maintenance.”In the search for a HubSpot integration platform, Lynton initially considered multiple possibilities, including Scribe Online. The power of the platform and the depth of Scribe Online connectors, such as HubSpot, allow LyntonWeb to easily create source and target connections that can be integrated to contact information in other data sources, such as Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM and Salesforce®.


  • Features cloud and on-premise CRM interoperability
  • Offers extensive connectivity, including HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM, NetSuite®, and Salesforce®
  • Enables the agency to quickly set-up and configure HubSpot integrations
  • Allows pricing model that aligns usage and delivery of services to maximize profits


  • Lowers cost of integrations to help address client pricing objections
  • Generates recurring revenue by enabling the offering of integration as a Managed Service
  • Performs consistently and reliably to ensure client solutions function properly
  • Helps differentiate LyntonWeb from competitors that offer less-flexible integration services or no integration services at all