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Scribe Support :: Downloads, Help, & Useful Links


Your Success is Our Success.

Take advantage of our on-demand training. Learn "tips & tricks" from Scribe experts and partners with our ScribeNerd technical blog. Attend deep dive technical webinars presented by our own developers and technical evangelists. And of course, we have world class technical support who are committed to helping you when conditions prove a bit more challenging.

If you are working with a partner, first give them a call for support and if that doesn't resolve your issue, please contact us. If you need help, we recommend starting with our no cost options – Knowledgebase. Also, make sure you are fully trained on your Scribe solutions since the training often answers many common questions. In order to provide you with the highest quality service, there is a charge for technical support incidents logged through the SupportWeb so please purchase an incident before getting started in SupportWeb.


Looking for some expert advice? Look no further than the Scribe Consulting team Scribe Consulting can provide that additional boost to your design, development or other integration initiatives. Primarily used by our partners, but available to all, these valuable resources are available for an hourly rate and can work remotely or on site. Learn more.

Scribe Online

Downloads, Useful Links.

Get the convenience of cloud based integration with the power and control of premise based data integration software. Scribe Online has the data integration services you need to integrate, migrate, or replicate data no matter where it's located. Secure, efficient, and scalable for IT. Accessible and intuitive to use for a wide range of technical users.


Scribe Online's StarterPaks enable users to jumpstart integrations between key applications such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A template for integration, StarterPaks provide mappings, automate key integration tasks and eliminate manual steps from the process.

Scribe Online

Scribe Insight

Downloads, Useful LInks.

Scribe Insight is our flagship integration software for front office and back office integrations for mid-market and enterprise business. Join over 12,000 customers who have used Scribe Insight as their integration solution for CRM and ERP applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Design and deliver integration projects with no additional coding or scripting. Insight includes monitoring and management functions so you can incorporate email alerts, retries, and other management activities out of the box.


Adapters connect and surface your application's metadata for easier mapping and integration. Adapters for brand name CRM and ERP applications like Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics are included. Insight also has a set of core Adapters such as XML, SOAP, and ODBC to connect to virtually any data source or application.


You can use Templates to quickly set up a baseline integration for popular business needs such as customer master synchronization and sales order processing. Our Templates represent best practices approach to complex integration patterns such as bi-directional updates and header-detail processing.

Scribe Insight

Help Resources

Scribe Online Help Center

The Scribe Online Help Center contains the product documentation for Scribe Online, and is the best way to get up-to-date information about using Scribe Online. You can also use the Scribe Online Connector Development Kit (CDK) Help Center to find the information needed to write connectors that allow Scribe Online users to use your datastore. The Scribe Online CDK includes fully functional sample connector projects, unit test programs, and reference documentation for the Scribe Online API.

Scribe Insight Help Library

The Scribe Help Library is an online collection of Help files for Scribe Insight and related products including Adapters and Templates.


Help Resources