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Scribe Insight :: Data Integration for Business.

Scribe Insight is our flagship integration software for front office and back office integrations for mid-market and enterprise business. Join over 12,000 customers who have used Scribe Insight as their integration solution for CRM and ERP applications such as Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Design and deliver integration projects with no additional coding or scripting. Insight includes monitoring and management functions so you can incorporate email alerts, retries, and other management activities out of the box.

Design, Manage, & Monitor

Scribe Insight is comprised of three core components: the Workbench, Integration Server, and the Console. Together these components allow you to design, schedule, and manage integration tasks centrally with ease and efficiency.

Combined with Adapters and Templates, Scribe Insight's core components give you a visual design and management environment to handle almost any integration task from a text file data load to the most complex business process optimizations and synchronizations.

Customers are using Insight for:

  • Point-to-Point

    Synchronize data between two applications.

  • Federated

    Integrate multiple instances of CRM across divisions or franchises.

  • Real-Time

    Trigger integration processes as your data changes.

  • Migration

    Extract or load large data sets to and from your CRM or ERP system.

Extensive Capabilities

With over 150 functions, fuzzy matching, pre & post processing, multi-target, xref tables, and other features, Insight Core has what you need to perform almost any integration task.


Insight Core has modular, multi-threaded architecture that can scale up and out. Bind integrations or queries to multiple processors for increased performance.

Automated Management

Precisely define your integration event trigger, including real-time messaging. Monitor business level events and configure alerts. Manage and report exceptions.

Key Benefits
  • Extensive capabilities & feature set.
  • Visual design UI.
  • Accessible for technical users.
  • Consistent user experience.
  • Works with Scribe Online.

Connect, Map, Integrate

Adapters connect and surface your application's metadata for easier mapping and integration. Adapters for brand name CRM and ERP applications like Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics are included. Insight also has a set of core Adapters such as XML, SOAP, and ODBC to connect to virtually any data source or application.

"Scribe has been a critical component of our CRM implementation and new ways to leverage arise all the time."

- Al Castro, Director of IT, Angels Baseball.

Automate Common Tasks

Assigning primary ID values, setting defaults, data validation and relationship integrity are handled automatically within the Adapter.

Dynamic Data Discovery

Scribe Adapters adjust dynamically as the application changes at run time giving you the latest metadata and schemas. No need to update or recompile existing integrations when your application changes.

Beyond the API

Quality and performance vary widely amongst vendor APIs. We've built enhanced capabilities in our Adapters that you won't find in the vendor's API to boost performance and ease of use.

Key Benefits
  • Dynamic data discovery.
  • Detailed exception reporting & handling.
  • Supports outbound messaging.
  • No extra charge for Adapters.

Pre-Built Integration for Popular Business Needs

Designing integrations can be daunting at first. We've developed Templates to help you with the design of common integration patterns and get your first integrations off to a good start.

You can use Templates to quickly set up a baseline integration for popular business needs such as customer master synchronization and sales order processing. Our Templates represent best practices approach to complex integration patterns such as bi-directional updates and header-detail processing.

Customers are using Templates for:

  • CRM Migrations

    Migrate your old CRM data to your new CRM vendor.

  • Sales Order Processing

    Synchronize data between your ERP and CRM systems for quotes and orders.

  • Customer Master Synchronization

    Keep your customer data current and in synch between your customer and financial systems.

  • CRM - ERP Integration

    Share valuable business data and streamline business processes.

Production Ready

Templates are designed and built to be used for real-world integration scenarios. Fully tested and documented, you can have a baseline integration running in hours or days.


You can quickly change, update, or remove any part of the template to fit your unique integration scenario. Customize your templates and re-use later for fast, repeatable configuration.

Get Started

Templates are available at no extra charge. We’ve got templates for most popular integration patterns such as CRM – ERP and CRM Migrations.

Key Features
  • Tested & documented.
  • Available for CRM, ERP Adapters.
  • Easily extend & customize.
  • Save & reuse.

Power, Speed, Availability.

Integration is a critical piece of your data management and business processing. When you need purpose built data integration for Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, Insight gets the job done. We focus on high performance ETL for CRM and ERP that compliments your existing integration investments.

Enterprise Edition customers enjoy all the same core features of Insight and includes additional capabilities to comply with best practices operational requirements for disaster recovery and production hand-off.

Customers are using Enterprise Edition for:

  • CRM Integration

    Insight Enterprise gets your CRM integrated to your business quickly and easily.

  • CRM & ERP Migration

    Implement point to point data integration between CRM & ERP quickly and easily.

  • ETL Workloads

    Your orchestration and real-time processing aren’t built for ETL. Use Insight when you need data integration.

  • CRM - ERP Integration

    When you just need data integrated between CRM and ERP, Insight gets the job done.

Additive ETL

Scribe Insight is complimentary to and easily interacts with your other integration and orchestration investments like BizTalk, Informatica, and TIBCO.

High Availability

Scribe Insight Enterprise Edition includes fail-over capabilities for core Insight and our underlying database servers.

Production Turn Over

Use Scribe Insight test instances for the same rigor and turn over processes you apply to your business applications.

Key Features
  • Compliments EAI, EDI, & B2B.
  • Test instances.
  • Supports Windows® & SQL fail over.

Extend Your Integration Options

Scribe Insight and Online work together to compliment and to extend capabilities for all of your integration needs. Both products can exchange data via the Insight Connector, letting you combine the best of both integration worlds.

"Way to go SCRIBE for never stopping to make the offering better, easier to use & more robust. I am so pleased we choose your platform for our integrations."

- Brent Wice, Applications Team Lead, Trapeze Software.

More Connectivity

Don't see the Adapter you want for Insight? You can extend the range of your connectivity by combining Online with Insight. Or build your own connector with our Connector Developer Kit.

Provide (New) Integration Options

Your "Integration" may mean providing a REST web service that presents invoice data from SAP. Insight + Online give all the options, no matter what Integration means to you.

One Integration Vendor, Multiple Approaches

You can continue to leverage the investment you made in Insight and add Online giving you a broad choice of integration approaches and methods to use without changing your vendor.

Key Benefits
  • Extend your existing integration investment.
  • Exchange data between Online & Insight.
  • Leverage all Scribe's available connectivity.
  • Expand your integration capabilities & methods.