Scribe Online Replication Services (RS)

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Scribe Online RS copies your CRM data to support real-time business intelligence, operational reporting, and data warehouse initiatives. Replication Services gives you the flexibility to have all your CRM data where and when you need it. You can replicate your CRM data to your SQL Server, SQL Azure or MySQL database. It works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and

How does it work? Scribe Online RS copies your data in entity format so you can see your CRM information in a way that makes sense – accounts, contacts, leads, etc. A simple wizard gets you set up and running in minutes. Select the entities that you need or replicate your entire CRM data – the choice is yours. Scheduling options and auto-detection of schema changes make your replications hands off and worry free. 

Data Reporting Tools


Use Scribe Online RS to eliminate having to extract your CRM data to CSV files or worrying about the impact to your CRM performance with long running or poorly formed SQL queries! Your replicated data is in a SQL Server database so you can use it with all the popular reporting tools you already use every day.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The Scribe Online RS SQL Server database supports robust business intelligence solutions such as GoodData. Give your employees the data they need to do advanced analytics in a non-transactional environment that they can safely manipulate and access without impacting your production CRM.

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