Better Marketing Automation: Scribe extends & deepens your ExactTarget & your CRM integration with simplicity & ease.
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ExactTarget® Connectivity

ExactTarget is a targeted email marketing provider for Fortune 500 & Small Businesses alike. Achieve the full potential of the ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub by leveraging customer data that resides in CRM, ERP, data warehouses & other systems. For more information, please visit ExactTarget.

ExactTarget Connector

Built By: Scribe Software for ExactTarget
Works with: Scribe Online
Distributed by: Scribe Software

The ExactTarget Connector integrates subscriber/list creation and maintenance activities with ExactTarget. The ExactTarget Connector is complimentary to ExactTarget's native integration solution with Salesforce® & Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM giving you a richer & deeper integration between ExactTarget & these popular CRM applications.

If you already have a Scribe Online account, you can find the ExactTarget Connector in the marketplace. If you don’t have a Scribe Online account sign-up for a free trial.

Business Benefits:

  • Integrate ExactTarget subscribers bi-directionally with other business systems such as CRM.
  • Move lists created in your other contact management applications into ExactTarget.
  • Synchronize list maintenance such as subscriber updates & removal/addition of list subscribers between ExactTarget & your other business applications.
  • Augment your native integration to Dynamics CRM or Salesforce, which allows you to manage email sends from either CRM, to update your CRM with send metrics generated in ExactTarget.
  • Create & access ExactTarget Data Extensions & custom attributes simply & easily.

Technical Benefits:

  • Exposes the Subscriber entity for create, read, update, & delete operations.
  • Exposes the List entity for create & update operations.
  • Exposes the custom ListSubscriber entity to handle all list maintenance operations, including unsubscribing.
  • Exposes the Send & Event entities for read operations.
  • Generates custom Data Extensions on the fly.
  • Provides the ability to append to Data Extensions.

Sales & marketing work hand-in-hand, your sales & marketing applications should too! Automate your ExactTarget subscriber & lists from contacts & lists already in your CRM system today. Easily manage & create ExactTarget Data Extensions. Already have a native integration with ExactTarget & your CRM system? Scribe is designed to work with these native integrations to provide even more flexibility & capability without changing or replacing what you have.

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