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Scribe Insight Tutorial Guide

The Scribe Insight Tutorial Guide was created as a tool to help people who are new to Scribe or are evaluating the software, and who have little or no experience with Scribe Workbench and Console. Partners can use the guide as a resource with potential customers who are evaluating the product, or to assist with their first integration or migration project.

After installing Scribe, you can use the tutorials to become familiar with the Workbench and Console. All tutorials use sample data that can be installed with Scribe products. The first two tutorials walk through many of the basic features of Scribe Workbench, such as creating connections, configuring source and target steps, using lookups to match data, and reformatting data. Use the second two tutorials to learn how to navigate the Console to build a small scale integration, including creating a monitor and a data view to handle exceptions. Get the Guide