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Scribe Online

Transforming Integration

Scribe’s award-winning Scribe Online Platform makes the complex process of data integration open, user-centric and accessible to people without deep technical expertise. Its intuitive design interface makes cloud, hybrid and premise integration between core business systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation and ERP faster and easier as well as reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).  

Key Benefits

  • Pure cloud with premise option
  • Intuitive visual design environment
  • Connectors to relevant business applications
  • SolutionPaks to jumpstart integration
  • Build it yourself connectivity
  • World class training and support
  • Affordable monthly costs

Scribe Online Makes Integration Easy

The Scribe Online Platform delivers Integration and Replication Services, Connectors and SolutionPaks that help customers and partners easily:

  • Replicate cloud data to a local database for reporting, analytics or backup
  • Integrate key customer data (e.g., sales data, contact information) across critical business systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP and support
  • Connect on premise and cloud based CRM and ERP to every day applications such as Exact Target®, Marketo®, GoToWebinar and QuickBooks™ quickly and easily
  • Jumpstart integrations with pre-built mappings for common integration needs

Free trials are available for the Scribe Online Platform and services.

Opportunities for Partners

Scribe Online offers partners an innovative integration platform featuring a multi-tenant architecture, scalable infrastructure and a collaborative work environment. With Scribe Online, partners get the best of the cloud with the performance, reliability, and the data integration expertise of Scribe. Scribe Online’s flexible framework enables partners to quickly build repeatable solutions without the complexity of custom code allowing them to get to market faster.

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