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CRM Integration

The Data Hub

Today's CRM systems are more than a sales tool or a marketing database, they are the core of all things customer within an organization. When CRM is at its best, data is flowing into and out of the system seamlessly from different applications and destinations, providing essential information to all areas of the business—driving sales, improving customer satisfaction and increasing productivity.

Achieving a seamless flow of information, however, requires a good integration strategy. A strategy that can grow with your business as new applications and platforms emerge as well as incorporate what you already have today. The benefits of investing in such a strategy are significant, effecting both revenue and cost in a positive way.

Integrated CRM Opportunities

  • Share forecast information between Sales and Finance
  • Convert opportunities won to orders and invoices
  • Synchronize product catalog with financial applications
  • Connect lead database to marketing and sales campaigns
  • Make payment history accessible to Sales
  • Provide Sales and Support with timely renewal data

Integrated CRM Benefits

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased contract renewal rates
  • Increased revenue through better targeting
  • Faster quote to cash process
  • Higher employee productivity rates

Scribe For CRM Integration – Easy, Fast, Proven

As the leader in CRM integration, Scribe understands the challenges as well as the opportunities with CRM integration.  Whether your organization uses Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics®, SaleLogix® or some other CRM system, Scribe can help.

Using Scribe's customizable  premise and cloud solutions, you can easily integrate business applications such as marketing automation, ERP, eCommerce and field service with your CRM system without writing code or creating a custom integration.  Scribe Insight, a premise-based solution, and Scribe Online, a cloud-based solution, offer a range of pre-built connections and maps to jumpstart integration of your CRM system to a wide range of applications

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