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About Scribe

Scribe was founded in 1995 to address a new problem for business at the time – how to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and data into the rest of the enterprise. Now, years later we are the leading provider of CRM integration solutions. Over those years we’ve seen data integration evolve from simple point-to-point integration for on-premise applications to today’s active integration hubs combining data from multiple applications across multiple platforms.

The emergence of cloud platforms, the explosion of data and the development of new avenues for information – social media, mobile – make the role of integration one of critical importance for SaaS providers, integration providers and enterprises alike The companies that succeed in bringing essential pieces of information together from across their business will sell more, service better and ultimately compete more effectively in their markets.

Integration providers, in particular, must now be able to support multi-platform, multi-application integrations with ease as well as global workforces. Many integration providers are also re-inventing their businesses as they collect less revenue from software license fees but have more opportunities to offer retained services.  The ability to efficiently run, support, and maintain the entire lifecycle of integrations, therefore, takes on increased importance.  Scribe for its part offers both Scribe Online, a flexible, scalable cloud based platform for integration, as well as our flagship Scribe Insight solution. Both give integration providers an agile, low-risk solution with which to manage the entire integration lifecycle.

As I look to the future, it’s bright. I see integration continuing as a pivotal piece of the puzzle for businesses worldwide. At Scribe, we will continue to build on our experience and offer leading integration solutions for on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. We will also continue to provide our partners with flexible, scalable solutions that allow them to be successful with their customers.

Bring on the data, we’ll integrate it.

On behalf of Scribe, we look forward to working with you.

Shawn McGowan